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ELWAG - Enhanced Assured Location Simulator Leveraging WiFi and GNSS Sensor Fusion

The need for smart devices to have a highly accurate self-awareness of their own location, and the location of other smart devices around them is becoming increasingly important. Many devices rely on a singular location technology (typically GPS), which is one type of the wider eco system of Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS). These systems, whilst becoming more capable, still suffer at times from the deployment environment, typically in urban areas where buildings and other cityscape features interfere with the signal. This is also though, where most of us need to know our location to the highest level of accuracy due to increasing population or device density. WiFi signals though exist almost universally within these situations or dense urban areas and so there is a possibility of 'fusing' these signals with the GNSS signals to identify one’s location very accurately. However, for the concept of a hybrid WiFi and GNSS system to be further developed, manufacturers need to be able to test such technology in a cost effective, repeatable and safe environment. This project aims to produce a representative and assured WiFi simulator that can be used for lab based device testing and evaluation as well as performance and operational capabilities.


The ELWAG project is a collaborative project between Spirent Communications Plc, Chronos Technology Ltd and WMG, funded by Innovate UK. The IV Connectivity Group plays a significant role in the project, by taking physical layer measurements of both WiFi and GNSS signals in autonomous vehicle scenarios, in and around the University of Warwick campus and the local urban road network. These measurements assist in Spirent’s development of an RF propagation model that overlays RF effects on their WiFi Access Point simulator. WMG researchers will then perform RF validation and verification activities around the developed model, to provide a level of assurance on its performance.

The safety and functional assurance of future autonomous vehicles will be one of the many critical paths to large consumer adoption. Through this project, WMG will contribute towards providing innovative solutions to the challenges of using sensor fusion in this testing context. Additionally, as this is a highly technical project, a holistic understanding of the signal propagation characteristics between Satellites, Infrastructure and Vehicles is required. Hence, the results will also impact future autonomous testing methodologies.



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Recent News

April 01, 2019 [Project] Integrated the Spirent Prototype Beaconing Simulator within the WMG 3xD simulator.

October 25, 2018 [Project] Succesfully finished initial drives around campus, collecting raw and processed geolocation and WiFi signals.

June 21, 2018 [Meeting] Integrated the Spirent GSS7000 GNSS simulator with CarMaker within the WMG 3xD simulator.

May 30, 2018 [Meeting] Highly productive meeting at the offices of Chronos Technology Ltd.

May 01, 2018 [Press Release]: News on our newly awarded Innovate UK Grant - ELWAG [link]

October 26, 2017 [Press Release]: News on our partnership with Spirent Communications Plc [link]