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Intelligent Vehicles Projects

We are working on a number of projects within the area of Intelligent Mobility which are contributing to the understanding of the technologies and their gradual adoption.

  • AutopleX - Funder: Innovate UK. Partners: Highways England, Inrix Uk Ltd, Ricardo UK Limited, Siemens Public Limited, West Midlands Combined Authority

  • CARMA - Cloud-Assisted Real-Time Methods for Autonomy (Secure Cloud-based Distributed Control (SCDC) Systems for Connected Autonomous Cars)

    Funder: EPSRC, JLR. Partners: University of Surrey, Transport Research Laboratory

  • CAVIE - Connected and autonomous vehicles communication in an infrastructure environment

    Funder: EPSRC icase and Costain Ltd.

  • CloseR - Customer Loyalty and Seat Reservation for Intelligent Trains

    Funder: Innovate UK; Partners: UniPart Rail, Train FX, Loyalty Prime, First Group, Cranfield University

  • ELWAG - Enhanced Assured Location Simulator Leveraging WiFi and GNSS Sensor Fusion

    Funder: Innovate UK. Project Partners: Spirent Communications Plc , Chronos Ltd

  • INTACT - Funder: Innovate UK. Project Partners: RDM
  • LSAT User Evaluations

    Funder: JLR, under subcontract via the UK Autodrive project (Innovate UK)

  • L3Pilot - Piloting Automated Driving on European Roads

    Funder: Horizon 2020 programme. Partners: Volkswagen AG, JLR, Daimler AG, Delphi

  • PETRAS - Privacy, Ethics, Trust, Reliability, Acceptability and Security: Information fusion for a collaborative perception on local dynamic map systems with a network of connected autonomous cars

    Funder: EPSRC and Ordnance Survey. Partners: Ordnance Survey/EPSRC PhD Programme

  • RACeD - Research for Advanced Concept Development; WMG / JLR EngD Programme

    Funder: Jaguar Land Rover

  • RG4CAV - Robust GNSS for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles

    Funder: Spirent Communications Plc and WCPRS

  • SAVVY - Smart ADAS Verification and Validation Methodology

    Funder: Innovate UK. Project Partners: AVL, Myrtle, Horiba MIRA, Vertizan

  • SWARM - Self-organising Wide area Autonomous vehicle Real-time Marshalling

    Funder: Innovate UK; Partners: RDM Group, Milton Keynes Council

  • UK CITE - UK Connected Intelligent Transport Enviroment

    Funder: Innovate UK. Project Partners: Visteon, JLR, Vodafone, Siemens, Huawei, TfWM, Highways England, Coventry University

  • 5G4IV - 5G for Intelligent Vehicles

    Funder: HVM Catapult and EPSRC RAS Capital

  • 5GNILU - 5G mmWave National Instruments Lead User

    Funder: HVM Catapult and National Instruments