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Supply Chains and Operations Group Publications

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Chakkol, Mehmet, Karatzas, A., Johnson, Mark and Godsell, Janet. (2018) Building bridges : boundary spanners in servitized supply chains. International Journal of Operations and Production Management . ISSN 0144-3577 (In Press)
Masi, Donato, Day, Steven J. (James) and Godsell, Janet. (2017) Supply chain configurations in the circular economy : a systematic literature review. Sustainability, 9 (9). 1602. ISSN 2071-1050
Wakenshaw, Susan Y. L., Masi, Donato, Micillo, Rosario, Godsell, Janet and Maple, Carsten (2017) The Internet of Things' potential to achieve supply chain integration : a case study. In: 21st Annual CIM Symposium - Globalisation 2.0, Cambridge, UK, 28-29 Sep 2017
Godsell, Janet, Masi, Donato and Day, Steven J. (James) (2017) Exploring the role of a MOOC as a platform for impact based learning in O&SCM. In: EurOMA 17, Edinburgh, Scotland, 3-5 Jul 2017. Published in: Proceedings of EurOMA
Suhaimi, Zakiah, Godsell, Janet and Karatzas, Antonios (2017) SME interaction capabilities and participation in high value manufacturing global value chains. In: POMS 28th Annual Conference, Seattle, USA, 5-8 May 2017 (Unpublished)
Masi, Donato, Garza-Reyes, Jose Arturo, Kumar, V. and Godsell, Janet. (2017) Towards a more circular economy : exploring the awareness, practices, and barriers from a focal firm perspective. Production Planning and Control . ISSN 0953-7287 (In Press)