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Eco One

The concept for the Eco One project was simple: Create a high-performance racing car that had a conscience. We researched the most technologically advanced sustainable materials available and then used them wherever possible during construction.

Eco One uses tyres, bodywork, brake pads, lubricants and fuel made from natural, renewable materials. The chassis is made from steel and aluminium which can be recycled easily and efficiently. And just because the materials the car is made from are friendly to the environment, it doesn't mean we compromised on performance. It is a car with a power-to-weight ratio of 540bhp/tonne, a car that does 0-62mph in under four seconds, and that will go on to a top speed in excess of 140mph.

Motorsport is exciting, dynamic and fast, all of which are not normally associated with sustainable technologies. We are working hard to turn this view on its head and bring renewable technology to the forefront of motorsport design.

The Eco One racing car got its first public outing at the Sexy Green Car Show at the Eden Project from 30 March to 15 April 2007 and was invited to the National Science Museum in London from Tuesday 28th to Thursday 30th of August 2007. The main event message focused on how cutting-edge technology is making high performance eco-friendly cars a reality, helping dispel the myth that ‘green' cars are slow and sluggish.

Eco One