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Group News

6 June 2016

Professor Emily Hilder visits IINM from Uni SA

25 May 2016

Dr Jia Yin Xie from Nanyang Technical University Singapore comes to visit to discuss energy storage

11 April 2016

Dr Schiller flies to Monash university to attend a meeting on additive layer manufacturing and further collaborations on our current projects in this area

7 April 2016

Dr Schiller meets with Dr Christian Hornung CSIRO to discuss RAFT flow chemistry

26 January 2016

Marco Benedetti heads to University of Nottingham to undertake collabortive research with Professor Steve Howdle

18 Decemer 2015

Dr Schiller gives an invited lecture at Pacifichem 2015 as part of the 'Advances in Precision Polymer Synthesis Using Reversible Deactivation Radical Polymerization (#401)' symposium

27 November 2015

Visiting Loughborough University, Department of Materials. Discussing research with Dr Helen Willcock.

24 November 2015

Dr Graeme Moad from CSIRO arrives as a Warwick IAS fellow to spend the next couple of weeks chatting RAFT, polymer processing, network polymers and nanocomposites

11 November 2015

Shelby Holmes and Matt Donald present their research at the URSS showcase

4 November 2015

Inter-institutional grant awarded with Professor Steve Howdle, Nottingham University

3 November 2015

IOM3 Coventry and Warwickshire Materials Society meeting with A/Prof Kerry Kirwan Presenting Lean, Mean&Green.

20 October 2015

Dr Schiller and Beth Dickens to visit Witec in Surrey

17 October 2015

Dr Schiller participates in the Festival of the Imagination at the University of Warwick

16 October 2015

Beth Dickens is demonstrating 3D printed cars at the Festival of the Imagination at the University of Warwick

15 October 2015

Marco Benedetti joins the Multiscale Materials Characterisation Group from Turin Polytechnic to work on photo cured cationic suspensions. Co-supervised by Prof Roberto Pisano and Prof Marco Sangermano (Turin)

6 October 2015

Inagural IOM3 Coventry and Warwickshire Materials Society meeting with Professor Kevin Warwick presenting on his cyborg technology

2 October 2015

Invited presentation "It's a Materials World" at Turin Polytechnic as the guest of Professor Marco Sangermano

17 September 2015

Visit to see the arachnids at Oxford with Prof Vollrath

16 September 2015

Poster presentation as part of RAMS2015

14 September 2015

Visiting QMUL, discussions with Dr Remzi Becer and Prof Pankaj Vagama

11 September 2015

Visit from Prof Emily Hilder, UTas discussing new collaborations

3 September 2015

RAPS meeting at Birmingham University

1 September 2015

Visit from long-time collaborator Dr Kevin Jack, UQ Australia

20 August 2015

Masters student Kaiqing Yao defends his thesis

3 August 2015

Dr Nigel Kirby, head SAXS/WAXS beamline, Australian Synchrotron visits to discus more in-situ testing

27 July 2015

Beth Dickens starts her doctoral studies on network polymers

29 June 2015

Shelby Homes and Matt Donald start work on URSS summer projects

5 May 2015

Kate Pailma starts her masters project as an ERASMUS student from Twente

17 April 2015

Liz Williams (CSIRO RAFT business manager based in Delaware USA) and John Tsanaktsidis RAFT manager from CSIRO Melbourne visit to chat RAFT

3-5 Feburary 2015

Australian Polymer Summer School held at Monash University, Clayton, attended by 50 Students, speakers include Prof Bronwyn Fox, Prof Greg Qiao, Prof Neil Cameron, Prof John Forsythe, Prof Marcela Bilek

4 February 2015

Synchrotron time on SAXS/WAXS beamline with collaborators Prof Karlheinz Peter and Dr Ben Chen from Baker IDI

7-12 December 2014

RACI national Congress, Adelaide Australia - presenting work on branched networks