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Project Praxis

-- key capabilities --

Project Data Analytics

We are developing cutting-edge data analytic applications to make project and programme delivery decisions more effective.

Projects for Sustainable Development

We are working on methodologies and approaches to insure that projects deliver in-line with the UK’s 17 sustainable development goals.

Effective Megaproject Delivery Practices

We have a plethora of research experience in understanding and shaping megaprojects to improve their delivery performance.

Decommissioning Projects and Programmes

We face a trillion dollar challenge in decommissioning infrastructure. We are working on a range of energy decommissioning projects to understand the particular issues faced by this type of project.

Cross Project Learning

We have effective ways to take invaluable learning across projects, programmes and portfolios including novel ways of mapping social networks in projects.

Overcoming the Valley of Death in Innovation projects

We are using examples of innovative robotic technology implementation to insure that the project journey from low to high TRL is plain sailing.

Complexity and Systems Thinking in Projects, Programmes and Portfolios

We have developed a deep understanding of the use of systems thinking to tackle project complexity.

Strategic Portfolio Management

We are creating ways to transfer strategic intent into a portfolio governance structure with associated benefits management.

Agile Project Delivery

We are developing ways of addressing the difficult problem of what sort of ‘agile’ to use where.

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