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Dynamic Supply Chains


Our research

We apply customer responsive supply chain theory into practical solutions that generate both economic and societal value. Collaborating with industrial partners, we seek to resolve complex business and organisational problems across agrochemcials, automotive, defence, consumer-packaged goods, retail and pharmaceuticals.

Working directly with industry to assess, design and deliver supply chain insights that help improve profitability, flexibility and sustainability. This is not only for the products of today, but for the technologies and products that will underpin society in the future. What is unique about our approach is we take a holistic end-to-end view of the supply chain. We look beyond the confines of a single firm and seek solutions that can deliver value to customers, at lowest possible cost whilst ensuring a fair return to all organisations across the supply chain. No two supply chains are the same, so we don’t believe in ‘copy paste’ solutions. We find the strategic frameworks and guiding principles that underpin supply chain success, and see how they can be successfully adapted to new contexts.

We influence government policy to ensure that economic growth is sustainable and is balanced against social and environmental impact. Taking a broader understanding of end-to-end supply chains is critical not only to improving sector productivity, but also to ensuring that a country maximises the role it can plays as part of global network of supply chains.

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