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Visualisation Case Studies

HDR Imaging for Healthcare

Project: High Dynamic Range (HDR) Imaging for Medical Applications

Objective: To develop compression techniques to capture and display real world lighting

Collaboration Partners: goHDR Ltd and Heartlands Hospital Medical Media unit

Impact: The hospital were able to film a thorasic surgery with all the detail from the dark body cavity to the bright reflections on the metallic medical instruments captured and displayed with no overor under exposed areas in the footage.

The techniques developed will enable hospitals to record medical procedures in full detail for future training purposes. In addition, the ability to capture and display real-world lighting is likely to have major implications for a range of other imaging applications, for example the ability to see more clearly a football when it is kicked from the shadow of the stadium into sunshine.

WMG showcases HDR video at world's biggest media tradeshow

Event: NAB Show, Las Vegas, USA (2012)

Objective: WMG and spin-out company, goHDR, were invited to showcase their HDR research at the NAB Show in Las Vegas. The team demonstrated the latest advances, including 3D-HDR, from its research laboratories. goHDR’s High Dynamic Range (HDR) video technology enables the image detail that is typically lost in the glare of bright light and in deep shadow on standard High Definition (HD) video to be revealed with the same clarity as seen by the human eye.

HDR video can capture ‘real world’ lighting without losing any detail in widely contrasting lighting conditions, so you can clearly see, for example, the football when it is kicked from sunshine into the shadow of the stadium. That requires five times as much data capture as ordinary video, equivalent to a CD full of data each second. goHDR’s software technology solves the problem of how to compress, manage and display the huge data stream produced by HDR video cameras, making it possible to see high image detail and quality that exceeds standard HD technology.

Impact: This technology will enable a step change in TV viewing that has been waiting to happen for a number of years. Encoding software is now available for license by camera manufacturers and broadcasters.

The demonstration showed what HDR technology is capable of. This exhibition was the springboard for the first High Definition TV broadcast back in 1996. The NAB Show, run by the US National Association of Broadcasters boasts more than 1,500 exhibitors and an expected 90,000 attendees from 150 countries.


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