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Example 2 - Pattern notes



If your notes are more like B (pattern notes), this means that you prefer to organise your notes in a visually memorable way. Pattern notes are a useful means of taking notes because:

  • In shorter texts, pattern notes help you to see the structure of the text at a glance.
  • They can be more visual and eye-catching, and this helps you to remember the details better (they have strong ‘recall value’).
  • They are useful when you are moving from reading to writing, because they help you see the structure of the text more quickly.
  • They can save time when doing exam revision.
  • The links are clearer, and further links can be added to the same page later.
  • Links between ideas in the text are physically closer together, and this makes it easier to interpret and revise the text.
  • Writing pattern notes can help to improve concentration.
You may consider the following :
  • It is always worth trying to write linear notes from time to time, particularly for longer texts. Have a look at the advantages of linear notes, above.
  • You may also wish to add a few extra linear notes to your pattern notes later (for example, to include some useful quotations).




The text was prepared by Dr Gerard Sharpling.