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Sample personal description


Describe your experience of taking a recent test. What were your feelings when you took the test? How did you feel afterwards?

by Miao Wang (Vanessa)

Copied with permission of the author


I have taken many tests, and I think the most special one is the Chinese National Test. It was divided into four parts – Chinese, Mathematics, English and the Liberal Arts, which includes history, politics and geography. I spent three years preparing for this test in order to get into a good university [comment1].


When [comment.2] I took the test, I felt nervous at first. I was afraid I could not do it as well as usual. For example, when I took the English listening test, I actually forgot how to do it in my own way. My method is to look at the questions first, and then listen to the radio. But when I took the test, I felt a sense of fear [comment 3] . I just waited for the radio without reading the questions first. After a few minutes, I felt comfortable, I did all the questions as usual . During the tests, I needed to answer some difficult questions. Sometimes I worried about myself. But when I got my results, I was pleased. For instance, when I took the Maths test, I needed to calculate a lot of questions which were very complicated. I tried my best to do them. After I had finished them, I felt much more comfortable, like a big stone had fallen down from my heart.[comment 4] Fortunately I finished all the questions and did not run out of time.


After [comment 5] I finished all of the tests, I felt overjoyed at first[comment 6] , because I could look forward to a summer vacation without homework. However, whole waiting for the results of the tests, I was on edge[comment 7] . I fond many questions I had answered were wrong. I will give an example. I was good at history, and I believed that I could get all the questions correct. I was confident of my history. But when I got to know the result, I found that the question asked about the year before the particular event happened. I answered by talking about the year itself. I felt disappointed that I had not done myself justice. [comment 8] 



  [comment 1] This is a good, clear introduction to the essay question. The sentences are quite short and it is easy for the reader to follow the language of the student. SUGGESTION : The writer might add something about the importance of this test and how the importance made her feel more nervous about it.
  [comment 2] It is useful to indicate the time sequence.
  [comment 3] This is a good, evocative sentence which creates a strong sense of emotion.
  [comment 4] This is an interesting image which again is very evocative and helps to understand the writer’s emotions. SUGGESTION : We can also use other phrases in English, like : “A great weight was lifted off my mind”
  [comment 5] Good sequencing word.
  [comment 6] A good adjective is used here.
  [comment 7] A very good idiomatic expression.
  [comment 8] This is a good idiomatic expression to indicate that one’s performance was less good than predicted.



The text was prepared by Dr Gerard Sharpling