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Global Education Profiler (GE-P)

How internationalised is your university?

There is more to internationalisation than a diversified body of students/staff. Truly internationalised institutions pay attention to the quality of their internationalisation process (see also the 4-stage model of internationalisation). They support their students in becoming fully integrated, socially and academically, into a multicultural campus, thereby helping them develop the 'global graduate' skills that are highly sought after by employers. They also support their staff in facilitating this process and in developing the skills they themselves need to maximise the benefits of internationalisation.

The GE-P is a diagnostic tool - not just a benchmarking device

Our Global Education Profiler is a diagnostic tool that helps you identify what kind of global learning environment your students and staff are experiencing. It is very different from traditional measures of internationalisation. There are two complementary versions: one for students and one for staff, both academic and administrative/managerial.

  Facet of internationalisation Traditional GE-P

Traditional measures:

Primarily aimed at


Composition: international students X  
Composition: international staff X  
Incoming & outgoing student mobility X  
International student support X  
International joint projects X  

GE-P measures:

Primarily aimed at


student edition

Social integration   X
Academic integration   X
Communication skills   X
Foreign language skills   X
Global graduate skills   X

staff edition (academic/ administrative)

Global curriculum   X
Teacher-student engagement   X
Building relations at work   X
International collaboration   X
Personal global strengths   X
Global skills support   X
Foreign language skills development   X
Integration & Identification   X

Insights provided by the GE-P

Student Edition:

The Global Education Profiler for students systematically measures their aspirations and actual experiences, helping you:

  • Track aspects of greatest need
  • Optimise allocation of resources

Leading to…

  • Increase in student satisfaction
  • Increase in graduates with global skills and greater employability
Staff Edition

The Global Education Profiler for academic and administrative staff systematically measures their aspirations and actual experiences of handling a divers student body, helping you:

  • Identify areas of excellence and further development
  • Optimise staff development support

Leading to…

  • Increase in staff's ability to handle cultural diversity in departments
  • Improvement in staff-student engagement
  • Enhancement of students' study experience and learning gain potential

How can I use the GE-P?

The Global Education Profiler has been tested in different countries around the world to ensure reliability of the generated findings. Therefore the GE-P is particularly useful for HEIs that have either just started internationalising or are in the middle of developing or implementing an internationalisation agenda.

For further information, including availability, please contact i-Graduate.

For additional information about the design of the GE-P, please contact our two developers :

Helen Spencer-Oatey
Daniel Dauber