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Advice for using the LRR

Please come and look around in your own time; early in the academic year your tutors will probably bring in groups of people with a special interest. Staff will show you how to work the things that you need as topic areas arise on your course.

We maintain a high level of security in the room; unfortunately this means we can not allow you access without a member of staff being there.

You may borrow some types of item and there are signing-out folders for the different course groups, with a loan sheet for each student; if you are unsure about what you can borrow, ask a member of staff. Enter the title of the item and the date borrowed on the loan sheet and a member of staff will place a ticket inside it. If you pass through the door without a ticket in each item, an alarm will go off! There is some further information about borrowing from the LRR in the FAQs section on this website.

Please note that the LRR is not a substitute for the University Library, your academic theory textbooks are housed there. (Library books should not set off our alarm when you go in and out of the room.) Most of our bookstock is course material used in the teaching of English.

The computers in the LRR are essentially intended for people wishing to user the scanners; evaluate CALL (computer-assisted language learning) materials; to use special programs such as concordances or to use computer language teaching materials for self-study. They are not intended for routine word processing and we request that you do not pick up your email messages in this room. The Centre's students also have access to the Open Access Work Areas maintained by IT Services please see their website for further details:

We also request that you do not eat or drink in the room, although bottled water is permitted, and that you switch off your mobile phones.

We welcome your comments and suggestions about making the best use of the LRR, please let your Staff Student Liaison Committee members know what you think; once committees are formed, their names will be on the Centre's SSLC noticeboard. We can discuss your ideas and see what can be done about them.

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