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Some FAQs about borrowing, books, etc

What can I borrow?

You can borrow:

  • General English language course material for adults and young learners, e.g. New Headway, Global, Project, Big Bugs (plus the accompanying audio for some titles).
  • English language skills, covering writing, reading, grammar, listening, speaking, pronunciation and vocabulary (plus the accompanying audio for some titles).
  • Books and audio for English exam practice, particularly IELTS.
  • English for academic and specific purposes course material including English for business, medicine and tourism.
  • Readers at various levels of ability for adult and young learners of English.
  • Donated foreign ELT books from former students.
  • Digital recorders for recording conversations for analysis.

What can’t I borrow?

You can’t borrow the following categories - they are for reference use only in the LRR.

  • Reference books, including encyclopaedias, and some grammar, research methods and testing books.
  • Dictionaries, these are intended for class use. However, on the advice of tutors, dictionaries may be lent for assessment purposes, especially in Term 2.
  • Journals, we do not hold runs of these, there are only some sample copies.
  • DVDs – you can look at these using the PCs in the room.
  • Software, CD-ROMs and any other ELT software.
  • Past assignments and articles left by tutors.
  • The Warwick ELT Archive – this collection contains books and other media, mostly published before 1980.

How many books can I borrow?

You can borrow:

  • As Centre for Applied Linguistics students you may have up to four books on loan to you, at any one time.
  • In Term 2, however when MA students are assessing course material for their assignments: a Student’s book, Teacher’s book and Workbook of one course may be counted as one loan.

How long can I keep them?

Length of loan of borrowed items

  • You can borrow the general English language courses, language skills and English for specific and academic purposes books and audio and material.
  • Digital recorders are usually lent to students for a couple of days or over a weekend. We expect a student to have made prior arrangements with their interviewees and will return the equipment as soon as possible; however an agreed return date with a member of staff is negotiable.

What else do I need to know?

Some general information

  • When you borrow a book enter its title and the date borrowed on a loan sheet with your name on it. This is kept in a folder (by course title) near the entrance to the room. A member of staff will put a card in the book, and on its return remove the card; you need to enter the date of its return on the loan sheet.
  • The LRR is open through the vacations but the whole department is closed on public holidays and for nearly two weeks over the Christmas and New Year Holidays, extra books and a longer loan period can be agreed.
  • Please don’t write in LRR books and keep them dry!
  • If you consult a book or other material in the Warwick ELT Archive section, please put it back exactly where you found it on the same shelf, to keep alphabetical order.

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