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Dr Esther Asprey

Job Title
Senior Teaching Fellow
Applied Linguistics
Research Interests

I am a sociolinguist and dialectologist. I completed the first account of the structure of Black Country dialect for my doctoral thesis. I continue to research variation in the West Midlands; I have examined phonological change over time in the region as well as the effect of increasing linguistic diversity on communicative practices in the city of Birmingham. At present I am working on change in the dialects of Herefordshire and Worcestershire; in particular, rhoticity loss and possible change in the realisation of the BATH and STRUT sets.


I am from the West Midlands, and I completed my undergraduate degree in German and English Language before going on to study at the University of Leeds. I have taught at universities across the Midlands and North of England for over 15 years. Before coming to Warwick I worked as a lecturer at Birmingham City University.