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  • Angouri, Jo, Boukala, S., Dimitrakopoulou, D.. 2018. From Grexit to Brexit and back : mediatisation of economy and the politics of fear in the Twitter discourses of the Prime Ministers of Greece and the UK. Language@Internet, 16, View
  • Angouri, Jo. 2017. Discourses of cultural heritage in times of crisis : the case of the Parthenon Marbles. Journal of Sociolinguistics, 21 (2), pp. 208-237, View
  • Angouri, Jo, Piekkari, Rebecca. 2017. Organising multilingually : setting an agenda for studying language at work. European Journal of International Management, 12 (1-2), pp. 8-27, View
  • Angouri, Jo, Sanderson , Tessa. 2016. 'You'll find lots of help here' unpacking the function of an online Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) forum. Language & Communication, 46, pp. 1-13, View
  • Schnurr, Stephanie, Wharton, Sue, Alansari, Suha, Angouri, Jo, Chimbwete Phiri, Rachel, Chiriatti, Teresa, Debray, Carolin, Efthymiadou, Christina, Hah, Sixian, Harrison, Tilly, KedveÅ¡, Ana, Khamkhien, Attapol, Kim, Kyoung-mi, Mohd Omar, Nor Azikin, Nguyen, Thi Hong Nhung, Reissner-Roubicek, Sophie. 2016. Not so 'innocent' after all? : exploring corporate identity construction online. Discourse and Communication, 10 (3), pp. 291-313, View
  • Angouri, Jo. 2014. Multilingualism in the workplace : language practices in multilingual contexts. Multilingua: journal of cross-cultural and interlanguage communication, Volume 33 (Number 1-2), pp. 1-9, View
  • Angouri, Jo, Miglbauer, Marlene. 2014. 'And then we summarise in English for the others' : the lived experience of the multilingual workplace. Multilingua: journal of cross-cultural and interlanguage communication, Volume 33 (Number 1-2), pp. 147-172, View
  • Angouri, Jo, Wodak, R.. 2014. 'They became big in the shadow of the crisis' : the Greek success story and the rise of the far right. Discourse & Society, Volume 25 (Number 4), pp. 540-565, View
  • Wodak, R., Angouri, Jo. 2014. From Grexit to Grecovery : Euro/crisis discourses. Discourse & Society, Volume 25 (Number 4), pp. 417-423, View
  • Angouri, Jo. 2013. The multilingual reality of the multinational workplace : language policy and language use. Journal of Multilingual and Multicultural Development, 34 (6), pp. 564-581, View
  • Sanderson, Tessa, Angouri, Jo. 2013. 'I'm an expert in me and I know what I can cope with': patient expertise in rheumatoid arthritis. Communication and Medicine, 10 (3), pp. 249-261, View
  • Angouri, Jo. 2012. Managing disagreement in problem solving meeting talk. Journal of Pragmatics, Volume 44 (Number 12), pp. 1565-1579, View
  • Angouri, Jo. 2011. 'We are in a masculine profession' : constructing gender identities in a consortium of two multinational engineering companies. Gender and Language, Volume 5 (Number 2), pp. 343-371, View

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