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How to Cite the Base Corpus


The British Academic Spoken English (BASE) corpus is available to researchers who agree to the following conditions:

  1. Corpus holdings should not be reproduced in full for a wider audience/readership (ie for publication or for teaching purposes), although researchers are free to quote short passages of text up to 100 running words, with a total of 200 running words from any given text
  2. No part of the corpus holdings should be reproduced in teaching materials intended for publication (in print or via the internet)
  3. The corpus developers should be informed of all presentations and publications arising from analysis of the corpus

Researchers must acknowledge their use of the BASE corpus project using the following form of words:

The transcriptions (and recordings) used in this study come from the British Academic Spoken English (BASE) corpus project. The corpus was developed at the Universities of Warwick and Reading under the directorship of Hilary Nesi and Paul Thompson. Corpus development was assisted by funding from BALEAP, EURALEX, the British Academy and the Arts and Humanities Research Council.