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<title>Using video tapes in ELT </title></titleStmt>

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<availability><p>The British Academic Spoken English (BASE) corpus was developed at the

Universities of Warwick and Reading, under the directorship of Hilary Nesi

(Centre for English Language Teacher Education, Warwick) and Paul Thompson

(Department of Applied Linguistics, Reading), with funding from BALEAP,

EURALEX, the British Academy and the Arts and Humanities Research Board. The

original recordings are held at the Universities of Warwick and Reading, and

at the Oxford Text Archive and may be consulted by bona fide researchers

upon written application to any of the holding bodies.

The BASE corpus is freely available to researchers who agree to the

following conditions:</p>

<p>1. The recordings and transcriptions should not be modified in any


<p>2. The recordings and transcriptions should be used for research purposes

only; they should not be reproduced in teaching materials</p>

<p>3. The recordings and transcriptions should not be reproduced in full for

a wider audience/readership, although researchers are free to quote short

passages of text (up to 200 running words from any given speech event)</p>

<p>4. The corpus developers should be informed of all presentations or

publications arising from analysis of the corpus</p><p>

Researchers should acknowledge their use of the corpus using the following

form of words:

The recordings and transcriptions used in this study come from the British

Academic Spoken English (BASE) corpus, which was developed at the

Universities of Warwick and Reading under the directorship of Hilary Nesi

(Warwick) and Paul Thompson (Reading). Corpus development was assisted by

funding from the Universities of Warwick and Reading, BALEAP, EURALEX, the

British Academy and the Arts and Humanities Research Board. </p></availability>




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<u who="nm5067"> okay is # everybody here </u><u who="ss"> no </u><u who="nm5067"> are we expecting some more </u><u who="sm5068"> <gap reason="name" extent="1 word"/></u><u who="ss"> <gap reason="inaudible, multiple speakers" extent="2 secs"/> </u><u who="sm5069"> <gap reason="name" extent="1 word"/></u><u who="nm5067"> is <gap reason="name" extent="1 word"/> coming i don't think <gap reason="name" extent="1 word"/>'s </u><u who="sf5070"> and <gap reason="name" extent="1 word"/> </u><u who="nm5067"> coming she's coming back at one she said </u><u who="sf5070"> <gap reason="name" extent="1 word"/> and <gap reason="name" extent="1 word"/></u><u who="ss"> <gap reason="inaudible, multiple speakers" extent="2 secs"/></u><u who="sm5069"> <gap reason="name" extent="1 word"/> the tall one <gap reason="inaudible" extent="1 sec"/> </u><u who="nm5067"> okay we'll start without <gap reason="name" extent="1 word"/> </u><u who="ss"> <gap reason="inaudible, multiple speakers" extent="1 sec"/> </u><u who="nm5067"> yeah yeah </u><u who="sm5069"> they're going to be embarrassed i'll tell you </u><u who="nm5067"> they're going to be </u><u who="sm5069"> be embarrassed i'm telling you </u><u who="nm5067"> why is that </u><u who="sm5069"> i don't know i'm just joking </u><u who="sf5071"> <gap reason="inaudible" extent="1 sec"/></u><u who="sf5072">

yeah she's always joking </u><u who="nm5067"> right # okay well i'll start because # i'm going to have to go very quick today because we've only got an hour and really i usually do a two hour session on this </u><u who="sf5070"> all right yeah </u><u who="nm5067"> so # i'll just explain what i'm not going to do # and then maybe i'll say what i'm going to do # first of all oh don't worry about these cameras here i'm not going to do anything to do with cameras these are here purely for my own project # i'm doing a project where i'm creating a C-D-ROM so essentially i'm a materials writer </u><u who="sf5073"> <trunc>c</trunc> is it Cognis </u><u who="nm5067"> it's it's not going to be called Cognis but that's one of its early names # so i write materials and i develop materials but i do them mostly with video based # electronic materials # and you're all welcome to have a go on my C-D-ROM when it's finally ready which it it may not be for a while # so today # right the cameras are here for nothing to do with the talk what i'm

going to talk about is # using video clips # i suppose just for for English language teaching purposes # i'm not exactly sure of the profile of your group and even this course because i was only invited to give a talk # quite recently and # i believe it's to do with materials writing </u><u who="sf5070"> yeah </u><u who="nm5067"> yeah okay well # unfortunately i don't have examples of materials writing with me or anything like that # but what i will do is show you lots of clips suggest some ideas of how they might be used in the classroom and then let your brains do the thinking of how you might apply that kind of oral situation we've got today to actual materials production okay # are you # experienced classroom teachers or </u><u who="sf5070"> yeah </u><u who="nm5067"> trainee teachers </u><u who="sm5068"> experienced </u><u who="sf5070"> experienced </u><u who="nm5067"> experienced okay so you know quite a lot about methodology and so on # okay that's good to know right have you used video before in your classrooms

okay well if this is is too simple for you never mind okay # now # as i said i'm going to have to go very quickly because # i want to show you lots of clips and suggest lots of things # one thing i always think is # i mean people always say in in the literature it always talks about motivation and video being a good motivation and i think that's true but # that that only works up to a point i think you know if you choose your materials carefully of course you'll be # # perhaps choose exciting and interesting materials you'll probably help keep the motivation but # i think you also need to # think about <trunc>c</trunc> # creating tasks around any kind of clip # i know the lazy man's way or lazy woman's way is you know okay i've got a class today let's show them a video you know and maybe we'll talk about it at the end or something # that's probably not what i'll be doing today anyway although i will be showing you lots of little clips from films now just to increase the motivation

okay # i'm sure you're all highly motivated intelligent people # you haven't been ground down by <gap reason="name" extent="1 word"/> and the course yet you know # but just to increase it # well i'd like you to be kind of i mean play along as guinea pigs today if you like # to be the students i know you are students but # you know you can # <trunc>i</trunc> # well i'll get you to take part in the tasks that i set rather than simply talk about them from the theoretical point of view which would be very boring actually # and hopefully through the experience of doing things this will give you a more concrete feel of of what things are about so you may find yourself doing some very simple things today but <trunc>tha</trunc> that's okay you'll be your your # rational brain will be thinking about applications and so on # perhaps one more thing i'll do just to # just to make it even more exciting if that's possible # now do we have some chalk we do # to add to the # yes the excitement # we'll turn the whole <trunc>w</trunc> hour we've got an hour into a a competition so </u><u who="sm5069">

is there going to be a conflict </u><u who="nm5067"> there will i like conflict yeah # no there'll be no conflict you know </u><u who="sf5071"> any prizes </u><u who="sm5069"> i can handle conflict </u><u who="nm5067"> # you'll get the well i don't know about prizes # </u><u who="ss"> <gap reason="inaudible, multiple speakers" extent="1 sec"/> </u><u who="nm5067"> # you might get you might get to see yourself on video # # at some stage in the future you know # </u><u who="sm5069"> are we going to be in the video in the future materials you going to produce </u><u who="nm5067"> you never know it's possible # </u><u who="sf5070"> you're going to be <gap reason="inaudible" extent="1 sec"/></u><u who="nm5067"> so could we have anyway could we have three teams and we'll just run things just to add to the you know the excitement and the motivation so four here four at the back and four here okay that's dead simple </u><u who="sf5070"> all right perfect </u><u who="nm5067"> # can you give me a name for your team </u><u who="sf5070"> Sangbok </u><u who="nm5067"> how do you spell that </u><u who="sm5074"> Sang S-A-N-G </u><u who="nm5067"> S-A-N </u><u who="sf5070"> yeah yeah <gap reason="inaudible" extent="1 sec"/> </u><u who="nm5067"> G S-A-N-G-B-O-K </u><u who="nm5067"> Sangbok </u><u who="sf5070"> B-O-K </u><u who="nm5067"> middle line </u><u who="sf5071">

you need a <trunc>pro</trunc> # proper name one of our names </u><u who="nm5067"> any name any name you want no no a name for your team you can be your name somebody else's name anybody's name </u><u who="sf5070"> we will change </u><u who="nm5067"> at the back </u><u who="sm5075"> Alright </u><u who="nm5067"> Alright </u><u who="ss"> Alright </u><u who="nm5067"> how shall we spell it let me write this over here Sangbok we'll spell it the American way </u><u who="sf5071"> the Four Musketeers </u><u who="nm5067"> okay </u><u who="sf5070"> sorry we can we change our name ah can we change our name Jumping Bananas </u><u who="nm5067"> Jumping Bananas </u><u who="sm5074"> yeah </u><u who="nm5067"> right right now in <trunc>a</trunc> in the course of this # session i will # award points okay just to add to the excitement as i said i will award points i mean # in the spirit of i suppose a post-modern quiz # purely and utterly according to my own whims and prejudice with no regard whatsoever to your talent or abilities okay # imaginative answers will of

course be rewarded right let's get to look at the material let's think about material # right one of the beauties of video # and as i said i'm only going to talk about one little element which is video clips recorded off movies or T-V okay # but one of the beauties about using video in the classroom is that # you can manipulate sound and image # you don't necessarily # need to use both together so the first thing i'd like to do is do a very standard kind of language exercise i'm going to play i'm going to use this as if you like a tape recorder i'm going to play you a little clip and i'm going to ask you to do one thing very simple # two things perhaps # write down any greetings you hear okay and then suggest a possible situation okay so write down any greetings suggest a possible situation i'm just going to play this bit and you're not going to see it okay ow electricity

</u><u who="nm5067"> okay give me a greeting Bananas </u><u who="sf5071"> Jumping Bananas </u><u who="nm5067"> Jumping Bananas greeting quick </u><u who="sf5076"> morning </u><u who="nm5067"> morning </u><u who="sm5074"> morning </u><u who="nm5067"> okay i'll give you a point for morning anything else </u><u who="sm5074"> what's new </u><u who="sf5071"> what's new </u><u who="nm5067"> what's new okay you both teams shouted out so i'll give you # i'll give you a point each for that # can you suggest a situation doesn't <trunc>e</trunc> i mean even if you know the film it doesn't have to be the right one just a possible one an imaginative one </u><u who="sm5074"> public toilet </u><u who="nm5067"> public toilet </u><u who="sm5074"> it's what he said </u><u who="sm5069"> that's not very competitive </u><u who="nm5067"> okay # i won't ask okay </u><u who="sf5077"> aquarium </u><u who="nm5067"> an aquarium i think # # we'll we'll give public toilet # three

points for silliness we'll give # we'll give two two points for intelligence for aquarium </u><u who="sf5073"> <gap reason="inaudible" extent="1 sec"/> the Four Musketeers </u><u who="nm5067"> oh you </u><u who="sf5077"> we're the Four Musketeers </u><u who="nm5067"> oh you're the Four Musketeers okay </u><u who="sm5074"> two points <gap reason="inaudible" extent="1 sec"/> </u><u who="sm5078"> riverside </u><u who="nm5067"> river riverside </u><u who="sm5078"> or by the sea seaside </u><u who="nm5067"> riverside by the sea okay i'll give that two as well okay all quite rational intelligent guesses </u><u who="sm5074"> <gap reason="inaudible" extent="1 sec"/> hot spring spring </u><u who="sf5070"> hot springs </u><u who="sm5074"> yeah hot spring in the mountains </u><u who="nm5067"> oh okay well you've given you three points so you're all right </u><u who="sf5070"> yeah yeah that's okay yeah yeah </u><u who="nm5067"> yeah okay i'll show you the real situation okay </u><u who="sm5069"> we're looking forward </u><u who="sm5074"> exciting </u><u who="sm5069"> there's lots of fish on television white fish lovely fish </u><u who="nm5067"> okay we'll leave it there i mean i <trunc>w</trunc> i okay of course that was very simple for you #

but you know something like greetings with beginners' class you know a nice way of presenting it </u><u who="ss"> yeah </u><u who="nm5067"> something a little bit entertaining # now i said i'd go fast and i will go fast # so we'll get straight onto the next clip # now it's usual actually i suppose you know this from general language teaching methodology before you do anything you might set questions and so on i mean i it's generally a rule i mean # but we can break the rules if we want of course # now rather than using this as a listening box which is probably what most teachers tend to do or maybe i'm being unfair to teachers # i think we can use it to produce # or stimulate creative thinking if you like so that's what i'll do here now i'll show you a clip and at the end this time i'll ask you a question okay </u><u who="sf5070"> yeah </u><u who="nm5067"> this is about five minutes long five or six minutes it's a nice little piece of video so enjoy the video i'll ask a question at the end just take note of what's happening i'll have the lights

off for this </u><u who="nm5067"> right </u><u who="sm5069"> so scared </u><u who="nm5067"> now # </u><u who="sm5069"> what happened to the girl </u><u who="sf5071"> <gap reason="inaudible" extent="1 sec"/></u><u who="nm5067"> well the question is of course what happens next that's the question i'm going to ask you i'll give you two minutes exactly to come up with the most imaginative answer okay </u><u who="sm5069"> we want an imaginative one okay </u><u who="nm5067"> a good solution to the problem okay </u><u who="nm5067"> right we've got one answer from the Four Musketeers or the Three Musketeers as they are now </u><u who="sm5069"> can you please be quiet can you please be quiet # the Superman comes flying by </u><u who="nm5067"> yeah </u><u who="sm5069"> and gives the woman and the man # Bombay mix and they become strong and then they escape </u><u who="nm5067"> okay # </u><u who="sm5068"> one point </u><u who="nm5067"> yes # what were you what were you taking last night # we'll give three points for that </u><u who="sm5069"> thank you </u><u who="sf5073"> for the silliness </u><u who="nm5067"> well </u><u who="sm5069"> for the imagination </u><u who="nm5067"> no i mean i like the idea yeah it's an invasion by another genre isn't it you know # we could call it </u><u who="sm5069"> don't insult my genre

</u><u who="nm5067"> do we have a solution anywhere else at the back you need those points </u><u who="sm5075"> earthquake </u><u who="nm5067"> an earthquake and what happens does the girl die i mean does </u><u who="sm5075"> # <gap reason="inaudible" extent="1 sec"/> the man standing falls down and yeah </u><u who="sm5079"> all three fall down </u><u who="nm5067"> oh </u><u who="sf5071"> how sad </u><u who="nm5067"> and </u><u who="sm5075"> and # the end </u><u who="nm5067"> keep going and the end well it started well i was you were going to get a lot of points for that but we're are you Alright yes they are Alright aren't they so we'll just give two points for that at the front </u><u who="sf5070"> a U-F-O appears </u><u who="nm5067"> a what a U-F-O </u><u who="sf5070"> a U-F-O yeah appears </u><u who="nm5067"> oh invasion by the science fiction genre now </u><u who="sf5070"> and take away the the couple away </u><u who="nm5067"> yeah </u><u who="sf5070"> probably take all of them together and then the then that's the end </u><u who="nm5067"> and that's you know Star Wars Two or something

okay # i'll give that # # two points as well okay well done # now obviously i mean # we're just having a bit of fun there but i think something like that could lead to some # a fruitful piece of creative writing you know what happens next write the story yeah # use an you know a good piece of # <trunc>y</trunc> you know homework writing activity something like that i mean you can even get students of course to say what happened before this sequence so you can get developing # narrative skills if you like # from an <trunc>exci</trunc> exciting and stimulating bit of video # so story construction let's go fast because as i said we don't have much time # i did say that that one of the beauties of this is that you can manipulate sound and image so this time i mean last time you heard the sound but you didn't see the image this time you're going to see the image and not the sound okay so i'm going to play you a little bit like that # now what you need to do during this excerpt note down # the main characters

# you can give them a name if you want it doesn't have to be the real name you know whatever name you want # and take notice of the action because at the end i'm going to set you a little task to do okay so characters and action who who are they and what do they do okay just just for memory for the task at the end okay you won't hear the sound this time so you'll be guessing slightly oh you sorry by the way you haven't seen the end of that sequence </u><u who="ss"> no </u><u who="nm5067"> i'll show you that first we'll <trunc>sh</trunc> we'll watch that first you'll see what really happened in the film some of your ideas were perhaps better </u><u who="nm5067"> the U-F-O was better </u><u who="nm5067"> oh but does she escape a bit of unnecessary suspense that actually # it's coming i think </u><u who="sf5070"> is it Hitchcock </u><u who="nm5067"> yeah Hitchcock i mean only Hitchcock can get away with that that kind of editing he just changes the scene completely you know he was a genius # <trunc>y</trunc> your ideas

were a little more off the wall i don't know if they'd quite make Hollywood but he cheated too in a sense but great directors can cheat # yeah Hitchcock of course yeah right let's get back do you remember what i said note down the characters and the action # this time it'll be silent oh do you need a light okay we'll leave the light on </u><u who="sf5070"> oh Braveheart </u><u who="ss"> Braveheart </u><u who="sm5074"> Braveheart right </u><u who="sf5070"> i've never seen this </u><u who="nm5067"> okay now the task i would normally ask you to do i'm not actually going to ask you to do it today because it it would take too long we've only got a short time but what i would normally ask if we had more time i'd ask each group to write the dialogue for the scene okay and then i would get you to come out here somewhere and actually act it out and perform it # and i i <trunc>g</trunc> i i would do that today if we had more time but we don't so i'm not going to </u><u who="ss">

good </u><u who="nm5067"> so you've escaped a little luckily # but <trunc>a</trunc> actually i think you know the the # constructing a dialogue and and # it's quite difficult if you actually sat down and and tried to do it you you know you have all the # # potential there you've seen kind of the narrative you don't know what they've said # i think it's a good activity and especially the performing in public is good for # # students who may be a bit reluctant to at first like yourselves no doubt # but we don't have time for that so # # you've escaped from this task okay # i'll show you it with the sound now and just just listen to what it actually was # </u><u who="nm5067"> okay # one thing perhaps you didn't pick up on there because you hadn't done the activity was i think the fact that students will listen very much more intensely to something that they've watched before and then but perhaps not heard but then # done some sort of activity around their their interest is stimulated and then they want to hear what the

real thing is and you get much more intense listening than you would do on a straight showing of of something # okay we're moving on fast # now i i mean another potential of this # box is that you can # show something to some students and not to others so you get the information gap type # situation # which is what i want to do now and then i'll i'll do a little activity and then we'll # do something afterwards okay # i need a volunteer for each team for this okay do you want to come out another volunteer </u><u who="sf5077"> come on <gap reason="name" extent="1 word"/> </u><u who="nm5067"> and one from the back right what i'm going to do i'm going to show these three students an excerpt you can hear the soundtrack if you want okay then you'll get the chance to ask them some questions afterwards about the excerpt # now you three must not say a word i'll tell you the rules in a few minutes you just watch and remember okay and then they'll ask you some questions at the end

it's not on wheels this one unfortunately can you see are you sure right no cheating no cheating okay you can't see a reflection in your your glasses can you </u><u who="sm5069"> <gap reason="name" extent="1 word"/> we count on you okay </u><u who="nm5067"> no you can come round here and watch properly okay right now you mustn't say a word just watch and take it in you can listen to the soundtrack i might watch too remind me what it is </u><u who="sm5069"> your facial expression </u><u who="nm5067"> okay thank you guinea pigs # now </u><u who="sm5069"> it was more interesting to look at their faces </u><u who="nm5067"> i'm sure it is yeah now what i want you to do now don't say anything don't talk to he he's on the other team don't talk to him # now what we're going to do is # a <trunc>qui</trunc> a quick game of twenty questions you'll get some points up here now these people can only answer yes or no so you must ask yes-no questions so you can't ask a question like what happened okay if if you ask that

i'll knock a point off but you could ask a question like are there any people in the excerpt for example # and they can answer yes or no of course # <trunc>a</trunc> so we won't have twenty questions we'll have # about five questions okay and then i'll ask you to work out what happened question from the first team question </u><u who="sf5076"> is it horror film </u><u who="sf5077"> no </u><u who="nm5067"> question </u><u who="sm5069"> is it proper for for children under eighteen under # sixteen years old </u><u who="sm5080"> yes </u><u who="sf5070"> can all each of us can answer </u><u who="nm5067"> oh yeah yeah if you want to say no you can say no i mean he said yeah okay at the back </u><u who="sm5078"> how many people were in </u><u who="sm5075"> no no no no </u><u who="nm5067"> point off we'll knock a point off that becomes one </u><u who="ss"> ah </u><u who="sm5080"> what did he say </u><u who="nm5067"> he didn't ask a yes-no question you see did he okay another question here at the front </u><u who="sm5074"> # is it for secondary

school children </u><u who="sf5070"> i think yes </u><u who="sf5070"> could be yes could be no yeah could be yes could be no </u><u who="nm5067"> here </u><u who="sm5069"> is it at home </u><u who="sf5077"> yes </u><u who="sf5070"> yes </u><u who="sm5080"> yeah </u><u who="sf5081"> does it happen indoors </u><u who="sm5080"> yes </u><u who="sf5070"> yes </u><u who="nm5067"> another question it's indoors anybody can ask questions yeah </u><u who="sm5069"> are there any animals involved </u><u who="sf5077"> no </u><u who="sm5080"> no </u><u who="sf5070"> yeah # no no </u><u who="nm5067"> a question at the back </u><u who="sm5075"> is there anyone doing exercise </u><u who="sf5077"> yeah sort of </u><u who="sm5080"> exercise </u><u who="sf5070"> yes yes yes </u><u who="ss"> <gap reason="inaudible, multiple speakers" extent="2 secs"/> </u><u who="nm5067"> one more question each team and then i'm going to ask you to tell me what happened one more question from the front </u><u who="sf5076"> are they children the actors </u><u who="sf5070"> no </u><u who="sm5080"> no </u><u who="sf5077"> no

</u><u who="sf5071"> are they sort of playing a game or competing between each other </u><u who="sf5077"> no </u><u who="sf5070"> no </u><u who="sm5075"> is there anyone taking a shower </u><u who="sf5077"> no </u><u who="sf5070"> no </u><u who="nm5067"> okay let's stop there now normally i'd give you a few more but as were pressed for time now each team i'll give you thirty seconds and i want each team to tell me what happened in this clip </u><u who="sm5069"> how can we know </u><u who="nm5067"> well from your questions you see they've given you lots of information you know they're not children there there are some people it's that use your imagination if not </u><u who="nm5067">

okay i'm going to have to ask you 'cause i said we were very pressed for time today at the front can we have an answer can everyone listen </u><u who="sf5076"> they are doing some exercise indoor but they are doing it in a weird way rather than a normal way and like including painful way funny way or </u><u who="nm5067"> okay so some people are doing some sort of strange </u><u who="sf5076"> yeah </u><u who="nm5067"> i'm going to give that three points i think that's quite a good one three points for the Jumping Bananas right now here what do you think they're doing at the back next yes let's take them at the back </u><u who="sm5075"> yeah a man swimming and met a girl and # <gap reason="inaudible" extent="1 sec"/> kiss and # <gap reason="inaudible" extent="1 sec"/> </u><u who="nm5067"> i think well give them four points </u><u who="sm5069"> a couple is moving furniture </u><u who="nm5067"> a couple are moving furniture </u><u who="sm5069"> yeah </u><u who="sf5071"> i mean very heavy furniture

struggling with it </u><u who="nm5067"> like in Laurel and Hardy or something okay i'm going to give that three points too # okay now i'll show you what really happened thank you very much ladies and gentlemen you'll see what really happened </u><u who="sf5077"> at the front i'm not saying anything </u><u who="sf5070"> at the front just wait till you see it </u><u who="nm5067"> okay # </u><u who="sm5069"> excuse me where are the animals involved </u><u who="nm5067"> no he said there weren't any animals </u><u who="sf5070"> Trainspotting </u><u who="nm5067"> well i mean i thought your answers were pretty good considering # the difficulty of that i mean what of course you have been doing is <trunc>n</trunc> you haven't been watching a man diving into a toilet searching for drugs you've been practising question forms and obviously if you were doing introducing question forms or practising them with students then to have a stimulating piece of video <trunc>i</trunc> is probably more interesting than opening

a <trunc>b</trunc> a grammar book okay # of course normally we we would we would have ve gone on much longer with the yes-no question forms # right were moving on oh gosh were running out of time i want to show you at least two more clips # now one thing i do with students sometimes # very simply is # just choose something from a fairly recent Hollywood movie some popular movie that i think maybe the students have watched or maybe they'll know somebody in there # and then ask them some questions on it i mean just general knowledge make a little quiz i mean we're doing a macro quiz if you like # but a a micro quiz a quiz on purely on the excerpt so that's what i'm going to do with you just very quickly so i'll play you an excerpt from a film watch it carefully try and notice everything that happens and then i'll ask you some questions both general and specific afterwards okay </u><u who="nm5067"> hang on i'll just stop it there for the moment now # we'll stop there for the moment a chance

to gain a few extra points i'm going to ask # two or three questions # and # i'll do it team by team okay first team # can you name one of the actors </u><u who="sm5069"> Brad Pitt </u><u who="nm5067"> Brad Pitt okay a point for Jumping Bananas for two points can you name one of the other two actors </u><u who="sf5077"> yeah i forgot his name oh my God </u><u who="sm5075"> Morgan Freeman </u><u who="nm5067"> Morgan Freeman we'll pass it over the back two points for the Musketeers </u><u who="ss"> no </u><u who="nm5067"> # Alright # does anyone know the other actor the psychopath </u><u who="sm5069"> Gwyneth Paltrow well the her head the box Gwyneth Gwyneth </u><u who="nm5067"> we'll # i'll i'll ask that in a minute okay shout out this for for one point whoever shouts first wins the title of the film </u><u who="sm5069"> Seven </u><u who="sm5068"> Seven </u><u who="sm5080"> Seven </u><u who="nm5067"> Seven i think they got it first at the front one point for Jumping Bananas # now another point to what shout it out to what religious phenomena does Seven refer </u><u who="sm5068">

the seven crimes in the Bible </u><u who="sm5069"> seven </u><u who="sm5069"> it's the <gap reason="inaudible" extent="1 sec"/></u><u who="nm5067"> seven crimes in the Bible i want the exact phrase </u><u who="sm5069"> the born of the universe it's a </u><u who="sf5071"> the what </u><u who="sm5069"> how many days the </u><u who="sm5075"> the seven seal the seventh seal </u><u who="nm5067"> no </u><u who="sm5069"> <gap reason="inaudible" extent="1 sec"/></u><u who="nm5067"> i want the exact phrase he's close but not not the right phrase </u><u who="sf5070"> what did he say </u><u who="sf5071"> what did he say </u><u who="sm5069"> what did you say </u><u who="nm5067"> nobody know nobody know </u><u who="ss"> <gap reason="inaudible, multiple speakers" extent="1 sec"/> </u><u who="sf5071"> <gap reason="inaudible" extent="1 sec"/> of # John </u><u who="ss"> <gap reason="inaudible, multiple speakers" extent="1 sec"/> </u><u who="sm5069"> the world was made in seven days </u><u who="nm5067"> maybe but # that's not what the the the film the title refers to i'll tell you no points for that then the seven deadly sins </u><u who="ss"> oh </u><u who="nm5067"> okay the seven deadly sins now for a point each can you name me any of the seven deadly sins shout them out </u><u who="sf5070"> greed </u><u who="sm5068"> hatred </u><u who="ss"> <gap reason="inaudible, multiple speakers" extent="1 sec"/> </u><u who="sf5076"> murder adultery <gap reason="inaudible" extent="1 sec"/></u><u who="sf5070"> greed </u><u who="nm5067">

we've got </u><u who="sm5068"> hatred greedy </u><u who="nm5067"> two greed okay here yeah you said </u><u who="sf5076"> murder </u><u who="nm5067"> murder i don't think so no it's not <trunc>se</trunc> it's not one of the seven deadly sins murder is one one point for Jumping Bananas </u><u who="sf5070"> glutton </u><u who="nm5067"> gluttony </u><u who="sf5070"> yeah yeah yeah </u><u who="nm5067"> okay another point gluttony what did you say the others were </u><u who="sf5076"> suicide </u><u who="nm5067"> no </u><u who="sf5071"> adultery </u><u who="nm5067"> no </u><u who="sm5075"> abortion </u><u who="nm5067"> no no no these may be all crimes these aren't seven deadly sins i can't remember them all myself but i think there's there's gluttony that's wanting to eat so much </u><u who="sm5069"> disobey your parents </u><u who="nm5067"> greed for money envy </u><u who="sf5070"> envy </u><u who="nm5067"> lust </u><u who="sm5080"> lust </u><u who="nm5067"> # wrath he said at the end he mentioned one wrath is # what the i suppose the the the the anger of justice he shoots him at the end you see he's a policeman he

shouldn't do that # okay # shout this out what's in the box </u><u who="ss"> her head </u><u who="sf5070"> his wife's head </u><u who="nm5067"> i think i heard it from the the the Musketeers first # and for one point what does he do next </u><u who="sm5078"> who </u><u who="sm5075"> who's the he </u><u who="nm5067"> the detective Mills </u><u who="sf5073"> kill themself </u><u who="sm5080"> kill </u><u who="nm5067"> kill himself </u><u who="sm5069"> commit suicide </u><u who="nm5067"> what does Brad Pitt do kills himself here what do you think </u><u who="sm5068"> shoots the criminal </u><u who="nm5067"> shoots the man let's see </u><u who="sf5070"> shoot the criminal but missed </u><u who="nm5067"> okay now i'm going to show you one more clip but we we don't have time to do the activity that i want you to do around it this this will be the last clip i'll show you this next clip what i uysually do is another information gap activity where i get some people to watch it silently this time and then do a kind of party game that # in # here in in England

we call it Chinese whispers i don't know why but we call it Chinese whispers you know it when you whisper you whisper something in someone's ear and they whisper it # and the idea is that again there's another information gap but also the students will be speaking in English of course to their the person next to them and so on and then the person at the end will say what happened okay now we don't have time for that unfortunately # but it's a fun game it also gets a lot of speaking practice # but i'll show you the clip anyway good one for students of language i think this next clip one of my favourites </u><u who="nm5067"> okay # <trunc>i</trunc> i mean it is a good activity especially if you watch it without the sound you don't know what's happening and you get some very interesting answers from students look we're running out of time so what i'll do is i'll give you # just a handout which just will remind you of some of the things