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Recorded talks

The following speakers visited the LLTA research group; their talks can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate link.


January 23, 2017

External speakers Series

Dario Banegas (Ministry of Education in Chubut, Argentina, and University of Warwick) and Luis Villacañas de Castro (University of Valencia)

Video of LLTA external speakers' talks (CAL members only)


Dr Cristina Banfi - 'English language teaching expansion in South America: challenges and opportunities'

Guest talk for the LLTA [ˈeltə] Research Group, 23 July 2015

Adrian Holliday - "Revisiting appropriate methodology, BANA, TESEP and 'contexts'"

Guest talk for the LLTA [ˈeltə] Research Group, Thursday 29 January 2015

Andrea Révész - Assessing cognitive task demands: Insights from teachers and behavioural measures of learner performance

Guest talk for the LLTA External Speakers Series - - 24th Feb 2016

Annamaria Pinter - Working with children as co-researchers: Teacher development issues

Staff guest talk for the LLTA Speakers Series - - 9th March 2016