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Dr Cristina Banfi

Guest talk for the LLTA [ˈeltə] Research Group, 23 July 2015

English language teaching has become a prominent topic in the discourse of many politicians in Latin America. International organisations have provided funding for projects in this area and different organisations are interested in participating in the wave of projects being implemented. There has been a clear move from a laissez-faire attitude to language teaching that viewed English Language as a marginal school subject to an approach that takes on the social demands and attempts to implement innovative solutions in what appears to be an all-win situation. This presentation reviews this situation and points out the challenges faced if these initiatives are to be sustainable over time.

Dr Cristina Banfi has been Director of the Foreign Languages Department in the Ministry of Education, Buenos Aires. for the last five years. She is also a Course Designer and Materials Writer for the British Council's Ceibal en Inglés project, and a Lecturer in Second and Foreign Language Acquisition on the MA programme at the Instituto Superior del Profesorado "Dr. Joaquin V. Gonzalez".


12:36, Thu 5 Nov 2015

Talk given by Dr Cristina Banfi

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Further reading:

The paper on which the talk is based is the following:

Banfi, C. (2015) English language teaching expansion in South America: Challenges and Opportunities. In L. D. Kamhi-Stein, G. Diaz Maggioli & L. C. de Oliveira (Eds.) English Language Teaching in South America: Policy, Preparation, and Practices. Clevedon: Multilingual Matters. A pre-publication version is available here.

You might also be interested in consulting the following recent British Council publication to follow up the talk: English in Latin America: an examination of policy and priorities in seven countries