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CAL’s "groundbreaking work" in the field of Teaching English for Young Learners highlighted in a state of the art ELT Journal review (July 2014):

“[Annamaria] Pinter and [Samaneh] Zandian’s (2014) groundbreaking work suggests the need to introduce ‘child perspectives’ into research, shifting the focus to children’s concerns and agendas (op.cit.: 65) and seeing them as ‘co-researchers’, acknowledging that children are ‘capable of providing useful and reliable insights into their own lives’ as well as being ‘resourceful and knowledgeable, especially concerning their own experiences’ (op.cit.: 66). Child-centred researchers such as Pinter and Zandian (op.cit.) and [Harry] Kuchah (2013) suggest using participatory activities such as drawings, photographs, music, and storytelling for data collection.”

  • Pinter A., Zandian S. 2014. ‘“I don’t ever want to leave this room”: benefits of researching “with” children’. ELT Journal 68/1: 64–74. Free access
  • Kuchah H. 2013. ‘Context-appropriate ELT pedagogy: an investigation in Cameroonian primary schools’. Unpublished PhD thesis, University of Warwick, UK