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LLTA alumni

LLTA research group membership for former research students ('alumni membership').

Please contact Bene Bassetti and Troy McConachy (current co-convenors of LLTA research group) if you would like to become an alumni member: /

Some alumni had previously shared their views on the desirability of there being ways for CAL (formerly CELTE) PhD alumni to stay in contact with us and with one another. The Language Learning, Teaching and Assessment (LLTA) Research Group have got a great series of talks coming up over the coming weeks and – in a nutshell – our idea is to share access to as many of these as possible with CAL/CELTE PhD alumni in the area of ELT and to see if we can start some conversations around them. Click here to view the events.

If you are an EdD or PhD graduate of CAL / CELTE in the language learning, teaching or assessment field, we would like you to feel that you are 'alumni members' of the research group and, if you agree, we could continue to keep you in touch with our activities. We will list alumni members here, with a link to further information or a website if you can provide us with it.

We will be recording some of the LLTA talks happening at Warwick for you to watch and discuss.