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Major research areas of LLTA include:

Intercultural Language Teaching and Learning

Language Policy and Planning History of English Language Teaching

Language Learning Motivation

Teaching Young Learners English for Specific and Academic Purposes

Language Teacher Education & Development

Textbook Research

Standards of English in higher education

Innovative Methodologies (for teaching and research)

Reflective Practice Bilingual Cognition

Second Language Writing Systems

Orthography and Phonology

Teacher-research for Difficult Circumstances (impact initiative)

Some of these research areas cut across research groups -- for example, Reflective Practice (with PAD) and Motivation (with WACC). Please see members' home pages (under 'People') for individual research interests.

Below is a list of currently funded LLTA research projects. To view past LLTA projects, please click here.

Current LLTA research projects

Children and teachers as co-researchers in Indian primary English classrooms (2015-2016)

Annamaria Pinter and Richard Smith have won a British Council English Language Teaching Research Partnership Award ( 2015) to engage in a project with Professor Rama Mathew, Head and Dean of the Faculty of Education, Delhi University, for a research project on 'Children and teachers as co-researchers in Indian primary English classrooms'. Beginning in February 2015, the project builds on Annamaria's expertise in the area of researching with children and Richard's in the area of teacher-research in 'difficult circumstances'. The project was also supported by an internal grant ( Warwick International Parternships Award for 2014-15). The project involved approximately 30 teachers and 800+ children from all over India exploring primary and lower secondary English language classrooms.

The freely downloadable research report can be found here.

The perception and production of L2 English phonology in Italian-English bilinguals and Italian learners of English (2013-2017)

Funded by the Leverhume Trust, this project led by Bene Bassetti, in collaboration with the Department of Psychology at UCL Institute of Education (Professor Jackie Masterson) and with the support of two postdoctoral Research Fellows. The project aims at providing a comprehensive picture of the production, perception and metalinguistic awareness of English sounds in Italian immigrants to the UK and high-school learners of English in Italy. Outcomes so far include six hundred hours of recordings and a dozen academic talks.

ELT Research Survey of India (2013-16)

Funded by The British Council India, this project involves a collaboration between the Centre for Applied Linguistics, University of Warwick (Richard Smith), the English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad (Professor Paul Gunashekar and others) and British Council India. The aim is to map ELT research in India from 2005 to 2015, with a view to assessment of strengths and weaknesses, and encouragement of capacity-building in this area.

Investigating the predictive validity of TOEFL iBT® scores and their use in informing policy in a UK university setting (2013-2016)

This project investigates postgraduate students’ perception of their linguistic preparedness for academic studies and their subsequent academic progress. The purpose of the study is to investigate what links, if any, there are between students’ initial TOEFL iBT English language entry scores, their attendance of pre-sessional, in-sessional or other linguistic support programmes (if applicable), and their academic assignment grades during their academic courses of study at Warwick. The study is funded by ETS TOEFL iBT® Committee of Examiners.