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Staff involved in Testing

Jane Garrett

Until WELT’s recent withdrawal, I was a member of the test development team led by Dr Claudia Harsch, which principally involved participation in training and data analysis. Prior to this, my participation in WELT testing gradually increased in co-operation with Dr Gerard Sharpling following a number of years as a test marker. During last summer, I acted as administrator of the WELT test. Prior to joining CAL, in employment in higher education in Bavaria, I was a state examiner of Translation, Academic Essay Writing, British studies and Oral skills for state finals, (erstes Staatsexamen). Moreover, along with a team of colleagues I was responsible for in-house testing and course design, including English Language tests for Master’s degree students. I have also trained as an IELTS examiner.

June McCready

Nigel Prentice

Dr. Gerard Sharpling