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Professional and Academic Discourse

The PAD research group meets regularly throughout the year and welcomes new members and anyone interested in analysing discourse in its various forms and functions. Please see here for our meetings and topics this term. For questions about PAD or research relating to discourse analysis, please contact the PAD coordinator Sue Wharton. All members of PAD share an interest in Discourse Analysis. In our research, we use different approaches, methodological tools and theoretical frameworks.

  • We are experts in various strands of Discourse Analysis, such as Critical Discourse Analysis, Corpus analysis, Conversation Analysis, Genre Analysis, Systemic Functional Linguistics, and Poststructuralist Discourse Analysis.
  • Members of PAD conduct research in the areas of academic and educational discourse, interdisciplinary communication, professional and medical communication, security discourse, and global governance.
  • We work with written, spoken and multimodal data to explore various real life issues, including higher education, leadership performance, various aspects of medical communication, constructions and realisations of crises.
  • PAD members are involved in several (inter)disciplinary research projects, ERC DISCONEX, DiscourseNet and actively contribute to the GRPs Global Governance and International Development. An up-to-date list of our current publications can be found here.