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PAD Presentations 2015/16

Malcolm N. MacDonald. (2016). Intercultural (in)competence? “The discursive construction of national and supranational security”. Invited talk at Intercultural Competence: a major Challenge for Europe, Université libre de Bruxelles (Brussels, Belgium), 12-14 December.

Malcolm N. MacDonald & Duncan Hunter (2016). “The discursive construction of a post-9/11 field of US (in)security” at Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis Across Disciplines (CADAAD), International Conterence, Catania (Sicily, Italy), 5-7 September.

Marta Natalia Wróblewska (2016) "Impact Case Study – A New Academic Genre & What it Says About Researchers",
Poster presented at Impact Politics and International Studies Impact Conference, Warwick University, 22-23.11.16, poster available online, handout on request, DOI:

Marta Natalia Wróblewska (2016), "Evaluation of research impact and the discursive construction of academic ethos" at Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis Across Disciplines (CADAAD), International Conterence, Catania (Sicily, Italy), 5-7 September (slides available on demand)

Marta Natalia Wróblewska (2016), "Impact - new criterion of evaluation. Introduction to topic and possible research perspectives” at workshop on ‘Bibliometric methods of science evaluation" organised by "Scientometrics. Polish Research Group" in Katowice, Poland on May 20th (national workshop)

Marta Natalia Wróblewska (2016), "Should you 'supercharge your research impact’?. The place of critique and reflexivity in the contemporary discourse on academic research”. Contribution to: DiscourseNet 17, Reflexivity and Critique in Discourse – Pamplona, University of Navarra, 16-18.04 (international conference).

Marta Natalia Wróblewska (2016), "Safety in numbers” & other strategies of providing evidence for research impact in REF2014". Contribution to: Language, Ideology and Power group at Department of Linguistics and English Language, Lancaster University, UK ( – 25.02 (invited contribution to weekly research group meetings).

PAD Presentations 2014/15

Johannes Angermuller (2015): "Discourse and Culture", 15. DiscourseNet meeting, 19/03/2015

Johannes Angermuller (2015): "Doing discourse research", 20/01/2015, Valencia, Spain

Johannes Angermuller (2014): "De l'analyse du discours aux Etudes du discours - vers une cartographie du champ", Sociologie des pratiques langagieres, 14/11/2014, EHESS, Paris

Johannes Angermuller (2014): "Akademische Forschung als Positionierungspraxis", 11/11/2014, SOCUM Mainz, Germany

Johannes Angermuller (2014): "Academic research as a positioning practice: negotiating identities in discourse", 19/11/2014, Aston University, Birmingham

Johannes Angermuller (2014): "Research as Text and Talk. Academic Discourse as a Positioning Practice", BAAL conference, 04-06/09/2014, Coventry, UK

Johannes Angermuller (2014): "After structuralism. The three critical projects of discourse research", CADAAD conference, 01-03/09/2014, Budapest, Hungary

Ana Kedveš (2015) Hammers, Tears and the Constitution: Discursive Legitimation Strategies in Anti-Cyrillic Protests in Croatia. Symposium “Economics, Linguistic Justice and Language Policy”, March 2015, Berlin, Germany.

Ana Kedveš (2015) “This is what positive change looks like”: Positive discourse analysis of “No Hate Speech” campaign blog. DN15: Discourses of Culture – Cultures of Discourse, March 2015, Belgrade, Serbia.

Ana Kedveš (2015) Discourse and Impact: Some Thoughts on Positive Discourse Analysis. iMean 4 @Warwick: Language and Impact, April, 2015, Coventry, United Kingdom.

Ana Kedveš (2015) “Participate, No Hate”: Discursive strategies for youth mobilisation in “No Hate Speech” campaign. CERES Conference 2015 - The stubborn persistence of racism: confronting racial inequality through education and action, June 2015, Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

Ana Kedveš (2015) “Positive People Backing Bright Ideas”: Legitimation Strategies in Online Crowdfunding for Human Rights. 1st International and interdisciplinary conference on discourse and communication in professional contexts, August 2015, Aalborg, Denmark.

Rachel Lewis (2015) "Testing Life in the UK, producing the desirable, neo-liberal subject." British Sociological Association (BSA) Citizenship Study Group event 'Citizenship and Education,' Bournemouth University, UK

Rachel Lewis (2015) "The Other and the other in intercultural engagement: from authoritative discourse to dialogic possibilities for belonging." Paper presented with Dr. L Harvey at: 3rd ESTIDIA Conference, 'Dialogue as Global Action: Interacting Voices and Visions across Cultures,' Ovidius University of Constanta, Romania

Rachel Lewis (2015) "Situated actors, local decisions, material artefacts: drawing on ethnographic principles in discourse research on citizenship." Globe 2015 'East-West European Forum on Discourse: Past, present and future of discourse studies,' University of Warsaw, Poland

Rachel Lewis (2015) "Securing the territorial frontier, constructing the national community: citizenship as a bordering practice in the contemporary UK." 25th Annual Conference of the Association for the Study of Ethnicity and Nationalism (ASEN), 'Nationalism, Diversity and Security', LSE, UK

Rachel Lewis (2014) "Becoming British: a critical account of citizenship discourses in contemporary Britain." The Power, Discourse and Society Research Cluster, 'In the Frame? Public and Political Discourses of Migration,' University of Limerick, Ireland

Malcolm N. MacDonald. (2015). "The Discourse of Security (with reference to the American security services)". Invited paper presented (with Duncan Hunter) at Postgraduate Conference, School of Education, University of Leeds, UK (June).

Malcolm N. MacDonald. (2015). "What makes the CIA tick? A workshop in discourse analysis", presented (with Duncan Hunter) at the 18th Warwick International Postgraduate Conference in Applied Linguistics (23-25 June 2015).

Malcolm N. MacDonald. (2015). The Discourse of Olympic Security: London (2012). Invited paper presented (with Duncan Hunter) at Quo Vadis Olympism? a multidisciplinary exploration. A colloquium held at Institute of Advanced Study, University of Birmingham (February).

Sue Wharton (2015) Impact and researcher/practioner networks. Imean 4, University of Warwick, UK, April 2015.

Sue Wharton (2015) Exploring evaluative meaning in academic discourse. 3rd International Conference in academic and professional communication, University of Bostswana, July 2015

Sue Wharton (2015) Feedback to students: what are the different identity positions that it can construct?. 3rd International Conference in academic and professional communication, University of Bostswana, July 2015

Sue Wharton (2015) Reflection for students in higher education. 3rd International Conference in academic and professional communication, University of Bostswana, July 2015

Sue Wharton (2015) Working with small corpora: quantitative and qualitative methods. Ist International Discourse Net conference, University of Bremen, Germany, September 2015.

Marta Natalia Wróblewska (2015) "Evaluating the impact of research on society – history and present". Contribution to: Journées d’étude “Valuation et Évaluation”, December 9-­10 2015, École des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (EHESS, Paris)
Marta Natalia Wróblewska (2015) "What we talk about when we talk about impact". Contribution to: DiscourseNet International Congress #1. Discourse: Language, Society, Critique at the University of Bremen (Germany).

Marta Natalia Wróblewska(2015) "125 ways in which chemistry impacts the outside world". Contribution to "Science Diplomacy and Developments in Chemistry" (international meeting) organised in Polish Academy of Sciences by Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw, Faculty of Mathematical and Natural Sciences (School of Sciences); Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology; Warsaw Learned Society

Marta Natalia Wróblewska (2015) "Antonio Gramsci on translation and in translation". Contribution to "Past and Present. Philosophy, Politics, and History in the Thought of Gramsci" (international conference) at King's College London, 19 June 2015

Marta Natalia Wróblewska (2015) "Quantifying excellence. Development of evaluation practices in Higher Education", University of Warsaw, Faculty of Applied Linguistics, contribution to "Globe 2015. Past, present and future of Discourse Studies"(international conference), May 2015

Marta Natalia Wróblewska (2015) "Quantifying impact". Contribution to "Imean 2015. Language and Impact" (international conference), University of Warwick (UK), April 2015.

Marta Natalia Wróblewska (2015) "The position of the PhD student". Facilitation of open-space discussion at: "DiscourseNet Winter School. Doing research on academic, educational and intellectual discourses" (co-organisation). Valencia (Spain), January 2015.

PAD Presentations 2013/14

Johannes Angermuller (2013): "Doing Research and Evaluation in the Social Sciences and Humanities", conference Horizons for Social Sciences and Humanities, 23/09/2013, Vilnius, Lithuania

Johannes Angermuller (2013): "Akademischer Diskurs als polyphone Positionierungspraxis. Zur diskursiven Kon¬struktion von Disziplin", Tagung Der Diskurs der Diskursforschung. Disziplinäre, transdisziplinäre und interdisziplinäre Perspektiven, DiskursNetz-Treffen 10/10/2013, Bern, Switzerland

Johannes Angermuller (2013): "Das DISCONEX-Projekt", 30/11/2013, Frankfurter Arbeitskreis für politische Philosophie und Theorie, EHESS, Paris, France

Johannes Angermuller (2013): "Academic discourse as a positioning practice. A poststructuralist perspective", lecture, 13/11/2013, Lancaster, UK

Johannes Angermuller (2013): "Le discours comme pratique langagière. Construire sa place dans le social", colloque Le langage en sciences sociales et humaines, 05/12/2013, Paris 5 Descartes, France

Johannes Angermuller (2014): "La philosophie comme pratique discursive. Construire sa place dans le monde philosophique", colloque Lire Derrida. Autour d'Eperons, 08/02/2014, Paris-4, Sorbonne, France

Johannes Angermuller (2014): "Le discours comme pratique sociale", Séminaire Sociologie des pratiques sociales, 07/03/2014, EHESS, Paris, France

Johannes Angermuller (2014): "Les discours sur l'économie" (avec M. Temmar, F. Lebaron), Séminaire Approches discursives en sociologie, 11/04/14, Versailles, France

Johannes Angermuller (2014): "Beyond discipline? Research as a positioning practice", Conference Why Discourse Matters, 25/04/2014, Frankfurt, Germany

Johannes Angermuller (2014): "Le discours et l'ordre académique", journée d'études CEDITEC L'ordre social et le discours, 16/05/2014, Paris Est, Créteil, France

Jo Angouri,14-16 /12/2013 [with Doris Schedlitzki] Leadership as a placeholder in a transitioning organisation. XII International Studying Leadership Conference Rome.

Jo Angouri,10-12/09/2013 [with Doris Schedlitzki] Me, myself and the organisation: Identity work in a growing SME. British Academy of Management (BAM). University of Liverpool.

Jo Angouri,18-20/4/2013 Panel: Crisis Identities-Identities in Crisis [Convenors: Jo Angouri and Ruth Wodak. Core contributors: Tina Otten (Leibniz Universität Hannover), Salomi Boukala (Lancaster University), Jason Glynos (University of Essex), Robin Klimecki (University of Bristol) and Hugh Willmott (Cardiff University), Sten Hansson (Lancaster University), Alexandra Georgakopoulou (King's College London), Amelie Kutter (Lancaster University)] i-mean3. UWE Bristol.

Jo Angouri,11-13/12/2013 [Plenary Speaker]. "Discourse at/on/as Work". Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU).

Jo Angouri,08/02/2013 [with Frederike Vendura] Invited talk. 'There is never enough time' Decision making processes in small companies. Centre for Employment Studies Research. UWE, Bristol.

Jo Angouri,30/01/2013 Invited talk. No you need to understand, it’s not personal’. Unpacking disagreement in meeting talk. Centre for Language and Communication Research. Cardiff University.

Rachel Lewis. (2013) "'Creating the conditions for integration’: a critical examination of integrationist ideology in UK coalition discourse." Symposium 'Performing Prejudice,' Newcastle University, UK

Rachel Lewis (2013) "The ‘death’ of state multiculturalism: examining political discourse in post-2010 Europe.", 6th Global Conference, 'Interculturalism, Meaning and Identity,' Lisbon, Portugal

Malcolm N. MacDonald. (2014). The Global Communication of Nuclear Weapons Proliferation. Unpublished paper presented at 47th BAAL Annual Meeting, Learning. Working and Communicating in a Global Context, University of Warwick, UK (September).

Malcolm N. MacDonald. (2014). The Discursive Construction of Global Crises in the Public Sphere. 5th International Conference in Critical Approaches to Discourse Analysis across Disciplines (CADAAD), ELTE (Loránd Eötvös University), Budapest, Hungary ( September).

Malcolm N. MacDonald. (2014). Manufacturing dissent: the global communication of nuclear weapons proliferation. Unpublished paper presented to 47th Annual Meeting of the British Association for Applied Linguistics, University of Warwick (September).

Malcolm N. MacDonald. (2014). Corpus Assisted Discourse Studies (with Sue Wharton). Joint PAD-ALGC workshop presented at 12th Aberystwyth Lancaster Graduate Colloquium Graduate Conference in Critical International Studies, May, University of Warwick (June)

Malcolm N. MacDonald. (2014). Manufacturing dissent: the global communication of nuclear weapons proliferation. Working paper presented to Professional and Academic Discourse Research Group, University of Warwick (May).

Malcolm N. MacDonald. (2014). ‘Lost in Translation? Intercultural discourses of nuclear proliferation'. Unpublished paper presented to 14th Annual Meeting of the International Association of Languages and Intercultural Communication, Aveiro, Portugal (November).

Seongsook Choi & Stephanie Schnurr (2013). Enacting and negotiating power relations through teasing in distributed leadership constellations. 13th International Pragmatics Conference, New Delhi.

Malcolm N. MacDonald, with Alex Homolar, Lena Rethel, Stephanie Schnurr. (2013) ‘Nice Work If You Can Get It’: Communicating Crisis Leadership across Cultures. Language and Intercultural Communication in the Workplace: Critical Approaches to Theory and Practice. The 12th Annual Conference of the International Association for Languages and Intercultural Communication, 29 November – 1 December 2013, Lam Woo International Conference Centre, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong

Malcolm N. MacDonald, (2013). Researching Crisis Leadership. Contribution to panel on Leadership in Global Governance (with Alex Homolar, Lena Rethel, Stephanie Schnurr), Academic Council to the UN (ACUNS), University of Lund, Sweden (17-19 June)

Sophie Reissner-Roubicek (2013) Juggling ‘I’s and ‘we’s with ‘he’s and ‘she’s: Constructing situated identities in stories of teamwork told in job interviews. Paper presented at 13th International Pragmatics Conference, New Delhi.

Sophie Reissner-Roubicek (2013) “I sort of had to take control along the way”: Co-constructing leadership identities in graduate job interviews. Paper presented at i-Mean@uwe3 Identity and Language Conference, UWE, Bristol.

Stephanie Schnurr, Olga Zayts & Dorien van de Mieroop (2013). Exploring tensions between different levels of identity construction in the narratives of expatriates living and working in Hong Kong. 13th International Pragmatics Conference, New Delhi.

Stephanie Schnurr & Olga Zayts (2013). 'What I say people do'. Stereotypes and realities about doing leadership in multicultural workplaces in Hong Kong. 12th International Conference of the Association for Languages and Intercultural Communication, Hong Kong

Sue Wharton and Sarah Banks (2014) Investigating reflection in an extra-curricular university award. New Directions in Reflective Practice, Aston University UK.

Sue Wharton (2014). Reflective writing for an extra-curricular university award: supporting staff and students. Writing Development in Higher Education Conference, Coventry University, UK.

Sue Wharton (2014). Reflective writing and the employability agenda. British Association of Applied Linguistics Annual Conference, Warwick University, UK.

Olga Zayts & Stephanie Schnurr (2013). Negotiating the identities of allied healthcare professionals in the age of 'superdiversity' in healthcare. 13th International Pragmatics Conference, New Delhi.