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Keith Richards interviews workshop

Dr. Keith Richards (Associate Professor at CAL, Warwick) gave the DISCONEX team and other PhD students from CAL, a workshop about conducting and analyzing interviews. It was held on 22 July (Wed) from 10am - 12.30pm in A1.11, The University of Warwick. The aims for the workshop were to help the DISCONEX team to gain a deeper understanding of using interviews in our research projects, developing interview questions and resolving some of the issues we faced in terms of interviewer's positioning, framing of questions and representing of data. Some of the team members had conducted pilot interviews and had provided interesting excerpts from their transcripts and additional questions to Keith prior to the workshop. The first half of the workshop dealt with the fundamentals of conducting interviews, framing interview objectives and questioning techniques. We adjourned for a short coffee break and then continued the second half of the workshop with a close look at several interview excerpts to explore issues faced by student researchers. Using a Conversation Analysis approach, Keith also discussed ways of analyzing the data.

Handouts designed by Keith were provided to the participants at the workshop and can be accessed in pdf format here.

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Fundamentals to Conducting interviews – Part 1

10:10, Tue 10 Nov 2015

(based on the Research Methods module on the PhD programme)

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