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Academic Discourse

Academic discourse refers to all kinds of language used and produced in academic settings - by professionals and by students, in written, spoken and online forms. PAD members research this area from a number of perspectives.

Our ERC DISCONEX project (2013-2018) looks at positioning practices researchers in the social sciences and humanities. The team members study e.g. how excellence is constructed in different national and disciplinary fields.

Outside of funded projects, Steve Mann publishes on classroom discourse; Sue Wharton publishes on academic writing with an EAP slant and Tilly Harrison researches the use of language in the British Academic Written English (BAWE) corpus. This is a large corpus of good undergraduate writing across most disciplines collected at Warwick, Reading and Oxford Brookes. See link to BAWE for more details.

Our research under this theme links closely with research into English for Academic Purposes undertaken in the LLTA research group - for more details please see here.

We supervise a number of PhD projects in the area of academic discourse. Some recently completed theses which are available in full via the university's research archive are: