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(Higher) Education

As (higher) education plays an increasingly important role in contemporary society, PAD members address various questions in this area, both 'from below':

  • How do we account for education as a social practice?
  • How do participants of academic discourses position, categorise and classify each other?
  • How do teachers and students engage in classroom interactions?
  • What are the constraints on students and researchers constructing their biographies?

and 'from above':

  • What is the role of language education in globalisation?
  • How is higher education organised as an institutional system?
  • What is the role of power and inequality in higher education?

For the DISCONEX project (“The discursive construction of academic excellence”, funded by the European Research Council, 2013-2018), Johannes Angermuller looks into positioning practices of academic researchers in various fields and countries of the SSH.