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Meaning, culture and discourse

Theme: Language use in different social and cultural contexts

Theme: understanding language use in different social and cultural contexts - context and meaning, form/function interface, meaning negotiation in interaction, interpretation of meaning in intercultural encounters, language policy.

Indicative research questions:

  • What is the relationship between context and language use?
  • How do people use language to construct and negotiate their multiple identities?
  • How do speakers negotiate meaning in interaction?
  • What are the complexities of meaning co-construction in intercultural encounters?
  • How do people negotiate relationships in different contexts?
  • How can we theoretically and methodologically capture the relationship between meaning and context?
Current projects

Multilingualism at work


  • To understand language use in various multilingual/multinational settings
  • To undertake longitudinal ethnographic work
  • To unpack the complex relationship between top down language policy and bottom up language practice
  • To explore the role of lingua francae in different linguistic ecosystems
  • To explore the relationship between professional identity and L2/3 language use
  • To contribute on the interrelationship between multilingualism and intercultural communication research.


Project staff: Jo Angouri