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Welcome to our research projects page. Staff are currently engaged in a number of important funded research projects, details of which appear below (for information on completed projects, please click here). These are merely part of a much larger picture that you might wish to explore, and if this is the case you can get an idea of the full range of our interests by checking out the research projects being undertaken within specific research groups. We have also developed some valuable resources for both researchers and professionals in a range of contexts.

Current/recent research projects

Video in Language Teacher Education (2016 - 2018)

This project (led by Steve Mann) will map the use of video in language teacher education and showcase examples of good practice on a publicly available website. The project will feature a range of teacher training contexts (adults only), from initial short pre-service teaching courses to longer teacher education programmes (e.g. MA level). Specifically, it aims to review and detail digital video use in the field of language teacher education, while also reviewing use in other fields of education (e.g. maths teaching, health care). The project also aims to build a community of practice (through collection of case studies and vignettes) to share innovative and effective video and visual media use in language teacher education.

The Global Education Experience (2015 – ongoing)

This research project, led by Helen Spencer-Oatey and Daniel Dauber, focuses on the global education experiences of students and teaching staff. Up to now, the Global Education Profiler (GEP) has been developed and licenced to i-Graduate, a company that specialises in delivery of student surveys. The GEP probes 5 constructs that are key to intercultural growth: social integration, academic integration, communication skills, foreign language skills, and global skills and support. It uses a gap analysis design (aspiration and actual experience). Helen and Daniel have also developed a version for teaching staff to probe their attitudes and experiences of teaching culturally diverse student cohorts. 

The perception and production of L2 English phonology in Italian-English bilinguals and Italian learners of English (2013 - 2017)

Funded by the Leverhume Trust, this project is led by Bene Bassetti, in collaboration with the Department of Psychology at UCL Institute of Education (Professor Jackie Masterson) and with the support of two postdoctoral Research Fellows. The project aims at providing a comprehensive picture of the production, perception and metalinguistic awareness of English sounds in Italian immigrants to the UK and high-school learners of English in Italy. Outcomes so far include six hundred hours of recordings and a dozen academic talks.

Children and Teachers as Co-researchers in Indian Primary English Classrooms (2014 - 2016)

Annamaria Pinter and Richard Smith have won a British Council English Language Teaching Research Partnership Award to engage in a project with Professor Rama Mathew, Head and Dean of the Faculty of Education, Delhi University, for a research project on 'Children and teachers as co-researchers in Indian primary English classrooms'. Beginning in February 2015 the project builds on Annamaria's expertise in the area of researching with children and Richard's in the area of teacher-research in 'difficult circumstances'. The project is co-funded by a Warwick International Parternships Award for 2014-15. Research report.

DISCONEX research group on "Discursive Construction of Academic Excellence" (2013 - 2018)

This project, funded by the European Research Council (ERC) and led by Johannes Angermuller, investigates academic discourse as a positioning practice in different national and disciplinary fields of the social sciences and humanities (SSH).

By focusing on SSH research as an everyday practice, the research project will produce theoretically informed and empirically grounded insights into the social organisation of SSH discourse.

ELT Research Survey of India (2013 - 2016)

Funded by The British Council India, this project involves a collaboration between the Centre for Applied Linguistics, University of Warwick (Richard Smith), the English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad (Professor Paul Gunashekar and others) and the Central Institute of Education, Delhi University (Professor Rama Mathew). The aim is to map ELT research in India from 2005 to 2014, with a view to assessment of strengths and weaknesses and encouragement of capacity-building in this area. One output of the project is a searchable, dynamic database of ELT research in India, launched in March 2015.

Intercultural communication and adaptation in the British and Japanese construction industry (2015 - 2018)

This research project, led by Daniel Dauber, is funded by the British Academy and supports the collaboration between the University of Warwick (UK), the University of Tokyo (Japan) and the University of Yamanashi (Japan). The main objective of this research project is to investigate the experiences of engineers in the construction industry in dealing with the challenges of working across languages and cultures. This research will shed light on the current intercultural needs and management strategies of early career and more experienced staff in the engineering industry and allows for a comparative analysis between those in UK and Japan-based companies.