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BA LML Staff

Jo Angouri (Director)angouri.jpg

I am the Director of Undergraduate Studies and am particularly interested in how communication works as well as the language, society, culture and power nexus. I have recently edited a double special issue on Multilingualism in the Workplace (Multilingua, 2014) and a collection entitled Negotiating Boundaries at Work (with Meredith Marra and Janet Holmes, EUP, 2016). I convene modules on Research Methods and Language in Society.

Bene BassettiBene

I am an Associate Professor in Applied Linguistics and a Chartered Psychologist. I am researching the psychology of bilingualism and language learning, and biliteracy and second language reading. My main research questions are: “Does the language one speaks affect the way one thinks? And if so, do bilinguals and second language learners think differently from monolinguals?”. I teach topics in linguistics and psychology.

Daniel DauberDauber

My research focuses on organisational behaviour and intercultural communication in business contexts. Specialism areas include organisational change, organisational culture and organisational communication.

Kieran FileFile

My interests are in professional communication, in particular the way language is used by professional athletes and the way language is used in the media. I currently teach on the Qualitative Research and Sociolinguistics modules.

Tilly HarrisonHarrison

My main interests stem from a long career as an English teacher in Africa, Japan and UK which also gave me a depth of intercultural experience. I am interested in how technology can be used in language teaching, as well as the way words and grammar can be studied with computers, specifically known as corpus linguistics. I am also the Senior Personal Tutor and Social Events Coordinator.

Perry HintonPerry

I am a psychologist interested in the relationship between the way we think (cognition) and the culture we belong to. I teach about cognition and its links to culture in first and second year modules. My latest book 'The Perception of People: Integrating Cognition and Culture' deals with many of the issues I examine in my teaching. My research focuses on the British understanding, and misunderstanding, of Japanese culture

Troy McConachyTroy McConachy

My interests and expertise are in culture, pragmatics, intercultural communication, and language teaching. I teach on the 2nd year module on Culture and Interpersonal Relations.

Sophie Reissner-RoubicekReissner-Roubicek

As module leader for Year 2 Intercultural Business Communication and Year 3 Professional Communication & Careers, my teaching and research include culture, gender, and professional identities in interaction, from specific activities such as job interviews to broader themes such as intercultural communication in new media. I am particularly interested in helping people communicate more effectively in global teams and since joining Warwick Applied Linguistics have specialised in developing professional training materials for use in business and industry worldwide.