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Apply for CELTA


Next full time CELTA course dates: 1st - 26th July 2019

Next part-time CELTA course dates: 5th Oct- 14th Dec 2019


Please be aware that there is quite a lengthy application procedure to be observed. This includes a detailed application task and an interview. This is to ensure that you have every chance of success on the course and we consequently recommend that you apply early. Our next course is in the summer and interviews for this will begin in March. You are welcome to submit your application earlier than this :)

Course Requirements
Ideally you should:
• Have a standard of education equivalent to that required for entry into higher education
• Be aged over 18 or over
• Have a ‘near native’ standard of English. This means that you don’t have to be a native speaker but you have to be able to produce ‘virtually error-free’ written and spoken English.
• You’ll also need a basic knowledge of the nomenclature of English grammar (e.g. what’s a preposition, what’s a verb, what’s the present perfect and why is it difficult?). You will see that this is assessed in the pre-course task and will also be covered in the interview. If you are unsure of this, there is a useful ‘Grammar for Language Teachers’ course at