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FAQs about Accommodation

Please see for answers to most of the following questions.

  1. I am a postgraduate student and I applied for accommodation early, before the deadline and have not been given a room - why is this and how do you allocate rooms to students?
  2. If you offer me off-campus accommodation and I visit it and decide to reject it, what next?
  3. If I accept term-time accommodation but don’t like it, can I be transferred during term-time? (Do you organise swaps?)

  4. Can I pay my term-time accommodation by instalments?
  5. Where can I get advice about private landlords and signing contracts?
  6. What if I accept a contract with Accommodation but decide to leave early, before the end of the full academic year?
  7. The two-week gap between P-S and term-time. What should I do if . . .

- I want to travel (and store my possessions) during some part of the two-week period?

- I want to stay at Warwick throughout this period?

- Are the answers to the last two questions different if I am PG or UG?

- What are the costs of these various options?

- If I have accepted off-campus accommodation, when do I have to leave my Pre-sessional