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Pre-sessional English Programme

PWhat did our students say?

Pre-sessional English is an academic English language and study skills programme. It prepares you linguistically and culturally for your future degree studies and gives you a chance to settle into your life in and around the University. Pre-sessional English is for students whose first language is not English and who have a conditional offer to study for a degree at the University of Warwick or other UK university that requires them to attend the course or recommends that they do so. The course is also for students who need to acquire well-developed academic English and study skills and who wish to become familiar with British university culture and life before beginning their studies.

The Year-round Pre-sessional English Programme - Phases 1, 2 & 3 starts in October each year: You will be able to attend up to 3 different phases covering Autumn, Spring and Summer terms and then, if you meet the language requirements, go on to either the 6 or 10 week (Phase 4 and/or 5) programme the following Summer.

The Year-round Pre-sessional English Programme - Phases 4, 5 is divided into two phases: Phase 4 lasts four weeks and is followed by Phase 5, lasting six weeks. You do both phases (10 weeks) or only Phase 5 (6 weeks).


Our programme meets all the British Council standards in:

- Management
- Resources & Environment
- Teaching & Learning
- Welfare & Student Services

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