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Pre-sessional English Programme Summer 2017




Programme Details 

Programme Dates

  • Phases 1 & 2 (10 weeks): 17 July – 22 Sept 2017
  • Phase 2 only: (6 weeks): 14 Aug – 22 Sept 2017

Special Note: for postgraduate Economics students, the dates for Phase Two are as follows:

Phase 2 only: (6 weeks): 7 Aug – 15 Sept 2017 - You may also apply to Phase One, commencing on 17 July.

Please note that Monday 28 August 2017 is a Bank Holiday in Britain and there are no classes
on that day

How long do I need to study for?

It depends on your language needs. Your future academic department may recommend or require you to study English for a certain period, or you may decide that you will benefit from the skills that you learn and the experience that you gain on the programme. In some cases, students attend the programme in order to get used to life in the university and the UK, and to make friends before they begin their degree studies. In some cases these students already have the language skills they need.

What’s the difference between Phase One and Phase Two?

Phase One focuses on English for general academic purposes.

Phase One offers:

  • Intensive development of language skills for academic purposes through specialised published and in-house programme materials.
  • Focus on social English and some contemporary issues within Britain.
  • Development of study skills such as searching for information, synthesising source texts and referencing.
  • Regular individual feedback on your language development.
  • Social events and excursions.

Phase Two focuses on English for specific academic purposes.

As far as is possible, you will be assigned to a group which specialises in your particular academic field. The language work that you do will be closely linked to the demands of your future study. Phase Two also includes more assessment-based work.

In addition to the development of the language and study skills listed above for Phase One, Phase Two offers:

  • Extended project work based on your preliminary course reading lists and leading to a written project.
  • Preparation for an extended oral presentation based on a topic within your academic field
  • Intensive development of oral skills including pronunciation, seminar and presentation skills
  • Further development of listening skills through subject-specific lectures

Your classroom study will be supported by our online site for Pre-sessional.

During both Phases, there are social activities and excursions to places of interest on most Saturdays. Previous visits included London, Oxford, Liverpool, Warwick Castle, Stratford-upon-Avon and Black Country Museum.

You will also be able to join our dedicated Pre-sessional Facebook page.

What will I gain from attending the Pre-sessional?

You will feel much better-equipped, in terms of language and study skills, and also more self-confident, when you start your future studies.

You will be much more aware of your strengths and weaknesses in language, and much more able to self-correct and manage any possible difficulties.

You will feel more integrated into the academic and social life of the university and more knowledgeable about living in Britain.

In practical terms, at the end of the programme you will receive a report on your performance in all four language skills, based on your ongoing performance and a set of final tests.

Class Size

We normally limit our class size to 17 students, although in exceptional cases we reserve the right to exceed this by one or two.


At the end of the programme, you will receive a detailed report on your levels of competence in all four skills: Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing for Academic Purposes.

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Entry Requirements

You are qualified to join the Pre-sessional English Programme 2017 if:

  • your first language is not English;
  • you have an offer to study on a postgraduate degree at the University of Warwick;
  • you meet our English language requirements. Please follow the link below to find out if you are qualified to join the Pre-sessional Programme: General English Requirement For WMG Courses, please use this guide: WMG English Requirement

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The Tuition only fee for 2017 is £1945 for the 6 week course and £3240 for the 10 week course. We ask you to pay a non-refundable deposit of £880.00. You can do this easily by using the online deposit payment system when you submit your application. You will be asked to pay the remaining balance when you arrive and register at Warwick University. Applications will not normally be accepted without a deposit or Sponsor letter. If on-line payment is going to prove difficult for you, please contact one of the Pre-sessional Admin team - details below.

This fee covers all tuition, visits and social and cultural events. Please note: Monday 28 August 2017 (Week 3, Phase 2) is a Bank Holiday in Britain and there will be no classes on that day.

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Single study accommodation will be arranged on campus, with en-suite bathroom and shared kitchen facilities (the cost per week is £145). Students can arrange their own accommodation if they wish.

PLEASE NOTE: If you ask us to arrange your accommodation for you and you do not use it, you will still be liable to pay the full cost of the accommodation.

We do not arrange family accommodation. If you intend to bring your family with you then you will need to arrange your own accommodation and to inform us of this.

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Apply for the Course

You should apply using the on-line application form:

Online Application Form

Online Payment Form

Online Acceptance Form

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Contact Us

You can contact us for futher information at:

Tina Perrins or Tracey Howe


Tel (national): 024 76524315 or 024 76572845

Tel(international):+44 (0) 24 76524315 or +44 (0) 24 76572845

Fax: +44 (0) 2476 524318

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Important information

VISA: If you require a Tier 4 visa to study in the UK, please first check your eligibility for a CAS before making an application for the Pre-sessional English course. More information can be found on our Immigration Service website: Here

Employment: during and after your studies: Please see the following link for guidance on Employment: Here