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Major Project + Work Placement

Module Content
  • The aim of the Work Placement module is to offer you the opportunity to experience a different cultural environment, and to critically reflect on that experience.
  • Specific aims are to give you the opportunity to demonstrate sensitivity in observing different cultural environments, to keep records of critical intercultural incidents and reflect on them, and to apply the conceptual understanding you have learned during the taught modules.
  • You will undertake a 4-week work placement (April – May) in a setting approved by the module leader.
  • Students are responsible for finding their own placements, but module staff will facilitate this as much as we can.
  • More information about the Work Placement can be found here.
  • After completing a Work Placement, you will carry out a Major Project, similar in principle but smaller in scope to the Dissertation.

  • Work Placement report (2000 words written essay)
  • Empirical project (12,000 words words)