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Critical Issues in Intercultural Politics

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Module Content
  • Intercultural communication is often overwhelmingly viewed as a positive phenomenon. However, recent global events have indicated that relations between different ‘cultures’ can also give rise to relations of violence, destruction and negativity.
  • This course will consider a range of contexts relating to the political, private and corporate spheres in which intercultural communication can become problematic.
  • In the political sphere, it will address the themes of terrorism, security, deradicalisation and conflict resolution. It will also examine issues which impact on the corporate environment such as ecology, crisis management, aid and aspects of international development.
  • Within these two areas, a focus will also be maintained on more personal issues of ethics and identity.
  • Thus, you will be encouraged to engage with your knowledge and awareness of the political relations of intercultural communication as they relate to contemporary global issues in their sites of professional engagement.

  • Recent and emerging research on the themes of the course will be discussed in seminars; and case studies will be discussed relevant to the sites of your intercultural work, present and prospective.

  • 2000 words written assignment