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Translation, Culture and Society

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Module Content
  • This module aims to introduce you to two major forms of intercultural communication: translation and interpreting.
  • Recent conceptualizations of translation as a pervasive social practice will help us explore the role that translators and interpreters play in mediating communication across cultures in a variety of professional/cultural settings (e.g. business interpreting, legal translation).
  • Through the notion of ‘translation agency’, we will also explore contexts where translation is enacted by other agents (e.g. journalism, advertising) and reflect on the ethical dimensions and challenges of mediating between languages and cultures.
  • The module seeks to provide you with conceptual tools and frameworks from translation studies to critically assess communication in intercultural settings while at the same time enabling you to reflect on your own experiences as both ‘agents’ and ‘users’ of translation and gain awareness of the value (and responsibilities) of using your own multilingual skills in a professional context.

  • 2000 words written assignment