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EMI Course Details

Course aims will be developed through:

  • Interactive classroom methodologies for teaching and assessing understanding
  • Practical, ‘hands-on’ approach with reference to relevant theory
  • Enabling participants to apply the taught theory to their own context
  • Developments in the use of CALL (Computer Assisted Language Learning) and other information technology for learning
  • E-learning support materials for teachers and students
  • Access to an online Professional Development Portfolio, recording progress and achievement throughout the programme
  • Exploring and selecting educational software

Professional Projects

Participating lecturers will undertake a professional project during the programme, the aim of which is to enable them to work collaboratively in small groups in order to focus on an element of language, teaching and/or culture that particularly interests them and that will be of professional value to them. They will be mentored throughout the project. At the end of the programme, each group will formally present the results of their project to their tutors and fellow-group members, answer questions, and discuss any points of interest and learning with the audience.