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Pre-sessional English Programme

What did our students say?

Pre-sessional English is an academic English language and study skills programme. It prepares you linguistically and culturally for your future degree studies and gives you a chance to settle into your life in and around the University. Pre-sessional English is for students whose first language is not English and who have a conditional offer to study for a degree at the University of Warwick (phases 4/5) or other UK university (Phases 2/3) that requires them to attend the course or recommends that they do so. The course is also for students who need to acquire well-developed academic English and study skills and who wish to become familiar with British university culture and life before beginning their studies.

The Year-round Pre-sessional English Programme - Phases 2 & 3 starts in January each year: You will be able to attend up to 2 different phases covering Spring and Summer terms and then, if you meet the language requirements, go on to either the 6 or 10 week (Phase 4 and/or 5) programme the following Summer.

The Year-round Pre-sessional English Programme - Phases 4, 5 is divided into two phases: Phase 4 lasts four weeks and is followed by Phase 5, lasting six weeks. You do both phases (10 weeks) or only Phase 5 (6 weeks).

Our programme meets all the British Council standards in:

- Management
- Resources & Environment
- Teaching & Learning
- Welfare & Student Services

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