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Writing for Publication

The Writing for Publication Programme will take place on the University of Warwick campus and is designed for early-career academics for whom English is not their first language and who wish to publish research articles in English-medium academic journals. The programme will focus on maximising your chances of success by looking at elements such as article structure, writing style, citing sources, and strategies for dealing effectively with reviewers' feedback. Participants have the option of staying with carefully selected local home hosts or to find their own accommodation.

Key features of the course:

  • Welcome evening social event
  • An introduction to journals' expectations and the publishing process
  • Strategies for finding and targeting journals in which to publish
  • How to structure your article

  • Writing an effective introduction and literature review
  • Presenting your methodology and results
  • Discussing your findings and their implications
  • Drawing conclusions and acknowledging the limitations of your study
  • Writing an abstract
  • Stylistic aspects of good article writing
  • The review process and how to respond to peer reviews.

These aims will be developed through:

  • Daily input sessions from the course tutor
  • The use of models and exemplars
  • A collaborative, task-based approach to learning
  • Periodic individual tutorials
  • The development of a in-process article written by each participant
  • Ongoing individual feedback on course tasks and used as the basis for whole-group learning
  • Question and answer sessions
The price for this programme is £1575 and including homestay accommodation. Alternatively, the price without accommodation is £1,275.