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COVID-19 information for first-year Applied Linguistics undergraduates

What is the schedule for the pop-up practicum series?

Wednesday, 13th May at 11:00BST
Virtual- the New Normal?
Facilitated by Sophie Reissner-Roubicek and Richard Smith

Wednesday, 20th May at 11:00BST
Framing Covid
Facilitated by Carolin Debray and Sophie Reissner-Roubicek

Thursday, 28th May at 9:00BST
Experts vs. Covid
Facilitated by Kieran File and Professor Jo Angouri

Thursday 4th June at 10.00BST
Communicating COVID
Facilitated by Esther Asprey and Professor Perry Hinton

Please note that we intend to host a student-led panel discussion at the end of the series. Students interested in a panel role should contact Jo.

How will qualification for the intercalated year abroad be affected by the cancellation of first-year exams?

The university will issue guidance on how first-year marks should be used to determine qualifications for overseas study. It will be several months before this is reviewed, because the university must prioritise setting policies for imminent events like exams and graduation.