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Bridging the year through the Language Lab

Bridging the year through the Language Lab

As you know, the Language Lab is a new learning space, conceived to enhance our learning community. The Language Lab material provide an opportunity to apply theory into practice and re/engage with your learning in preparation for the coming year. It is an opportunity to revisit and refresh theories and examples in the process of getting ready to restart your studies in October. 

On this site you will find materials corresponding to six different weeks. We recommend that you choose between 3-5 of the posts on the Language Lab and work on each one for one week

Do this steadily and at your own pace. Read each post and watch the associated materials, then answer the reflective questions which come with each post. We ask you to keep a log of your work and send it as a word document to UGCAL EMAIL ( ). Please send your responses to the first two posts you chose by 11th September and the remaining responses by 18th September.

You will receive feedback which will touch on the points you made as you worked through. We will collate and share answers so that you can learn from your peers- different answers are possible to some of the questions based on our collective and individual circumstances.

The Lab tasks are a good opportunity for you to start reading more deeply around some key issues in linguistics, language, culture and communication and we urge you to take it up.