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CEDAR Better Communication Research Programme

Better Communication Research Programme

The Better Communications Research Programme (BCRP) was a 3 year research programme, part of the government's response to the Bercow Review of provision for children and young people with speech, language and communication needs, published in July 2008.

The 19 reports from the BCRP were published by the Department for Education in December 2012. Other publications are also available.

In the first few months the dedicated BCRP page received 17,125 hits.

During 2013-2015 we are working with the Communication Trust to disseminate the findings of the BCRP and to use the research evidence to contribute to the development of policy and practice.

News and events

The Communication Supporting Classroom Observation Tool is now available for use. This was developed as part of the BCRP and we are now working with the Communication Trust to develop this further. In the interim the Tool is available for use in schools.

Watch three videos on YouTube as part of the RALLI collection.

Julie Dockrell describes the BCRP and explains some of the BCRP findings about how teachers can support language difficulties in the classroom.

Geoff Lindsay describes the online resource for practitioners called 'What Works' which provides information about the evidence for different interventions for speech, language and communication difficulties.

Just published: debate on specific language impairment in the International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders: main papers and many commentaries.