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Books Beyond Words - Survey of people who buy and/or use our books

1. How did you hear of Books Beyond Words? (Please tick all that apply)
2. Which of the following books have you/your organisation purchased? (Please tick all that apply)
3. Have you (or anyone else you know) read any of the books listed in Question 2 with someone who prefers pictures to words?
If YES to Question 3 please tell us the context in which one or more of these books was read (Please tick all that apply)
(Now please go to Question 4)
(Now please go to Question 9)
4. Now please tell us the purpose for reading the book/s. (Please tick all that apply)
5. To what extent did using the book/s fulfil your purpose/s?

In this section, we ask you to think first about the person (e.g. a professional, practitioner, carer) supporting the reader (Q6). Then we ask you to think about the person reading the book (Q7).
6. Please think about what happened for the person supporting the reader to read one or more of the books bought from Beyond Words. It doesn’t matter if this happened in a group or one to one situation. Now please read the following statements and tick one box in each row to show how often you consider the statement was true.
When supporting the person reading a Beyond Words book, the supporter:
7. Please think about what happened for the reader/s when reading one of the Beyond Words books (with support). It doesn't matter if this happened in a group or one to one situation.
Now please read the following statements and select one box in each row to show how often you consider the statement was true.
When reading the book, the reader/s:

8. In this section, please ONLY answer in relation to the book or books used with reader/s. In each case, please read each statement and tick one box in the row to show how much you disagree or agree with it.
8.1 Ann has Dementia
The book, Ann has Dementia, helps to:
8.2 Falling in Love
The book, Falling in Love, helps to:
8.3 George gets Smart
The book, George gets Smart, helps to
8.4 Susan's Growing Up
The book, Susan’s Growing Up, helps to:
8.5 When Mum Died and When Dad Died
The book, When Mum Died and/or When Dad Died, helps to:
9a. Have you attended Beyond Words training on how to read/use the books? (Please select one box)
If NO: Information about Beyond Words training and support is available on the website
9b. Have you received training from anyone else on how to read/use a Beyond Words book? (Please select one box)
10. Each book in the Beyond Words series includes a 'Supporting Text' section at the end of the story.
Did you read this section? (Please select one box)
If YES to Question 10:
How useful did you find that section? (Please select one box)
If NO to Question 10:
11. Please tell us more about what, if any, benefit/s and/or problems or issues have come from using one or more Beyond Words book/s. Think about the impact on (a) the person reading the book/s and (b) the person supporting the reading of the book/s.
Thank you for taking the time to complete this questionnaire. As a token of appreciation, Beyond Words is offering you the choice of a free book or two months’ exclusive free access to the brand new Beyond Words mobile app.
I would like: (tick one option)
Please provide your email so that we can contact you with your free token of appreciation.
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