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CEDAR CANparent trial evaluation

What is CANparent?

Phase 1

In March 2012, the Coalition government launched the two year CANparent trial, for parents and carers of children aged 0-5 years. The Department for Education funding this trial and out evaluation of Phase 1 (2012-2014). CANparent provided all parents of children 0-5 in three English districts – High Peak, Derbyshire; Middlesbrough, and Camden – with the opportunity to access parenting courses in their area in the period from June, 2012 – March, 2014. The aim was that parents in the CANparent areas would access a voucher worth £100 to spend with the CANparent Classes and Advice Network. Using the vouchers, parents could choose from a range of different options to suit them and their lifestyle - from online support to local groups. The vouchers were available to all mothers, fathers and carers with a child 5 or under living in the three CANparent districts. The vouchers were distributed to parents by children's workforce professionals through the Foundation Years workforce in the trial areas including health visitors, midwives, doctors' surgeries and children's centres. Vouchers could also be collected from selected Boots Stores in the trial areas. Later in the trial e-vouchers were made available. We also researched developments in Bristol, a comparison authority where no vouchers were made available.

The CANparent website can be found here:

and includes information on all the parenting offers, and providers, involved in CANparent.

Phase 2

We came to the end of the 2-year trial research, funded by the Department for Education (DfE) on 31st March 2014. The Department of Health (DH) continued the trial for a further year to 31st March 2015. The trial was modified; in particular there is no financial support in the form of vouchers for parents. Instead providers either sought funding from parents themselves or from other organisations, including the voluntary and community sector, by being commissioned by, for example, public health services.



Our earlier findings of the 2012-14 trial (Phase 1) were published by the DfE as 1st and 2nd Interim Reports and a Final Report, published by the DfE on July 2014. We continued to evaluate the third year of the trial and the final report for the whole 3-year trial has now been published by CEDAR.

CANparent Phase 1 1st Interim Report 2013 on DfE website

CANparent Phase 1 2nd Interim Report 2014 on DfE website

CANparent Phase 1 Final Report 2014 on DfE website

Final Report Phase 2 and for CANparent as a whole 2016

Final Report Research Brief Phase 2 and for CANparent as a whole 2016