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Professor Geoff Lindsay

Geoff Lindsay is Director of CEDAR (the Centre for Educational Development, Appraisal and Research) at the University of Warwick where he is also Professor of Educational Psychology and Special Needs Education. He was previously Principal Educational Psychologist for Sheffield LA and has taught in primary and special schools. Geoff has directed over 70 research studies. He directed the evaluation of both the Parenting Early Intervention Pathfinder (2006-08) and the Parenting Early Intervention Programme (2008-11) as well as the Parent Support Advisor Pilot (2006-08). He is a Fellow of the British Psychological Society and was made an Honorary Life Member in 2006 for his services to psychology. He is also an Academician of the Social Sciences.

Geoff will present an overview of the 2008-11 evaluation of the PEIP. This built upon the Pathfinder (Wave 1) study of three programmes in 18 LAs, comprising a study of five programmes in 47 new LAs (Waves 2 and 3). Over 6000 parents who attended parenting groups provided data. Interviews were held with LA lead officers, head teachers, facilitators and parents at different stages of the development of the programme.

All five programmes have evidence for their efficacy in well controlled and supported trials; our study examined the effectiveness of the large scale (i.e. national roll out) of these programmes across all 150 LAs and the factors that supported (or inhibited) successful implementation.


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