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Current PhD students


Jane Margetson

Charlotte Rowe 
Magda Apanasionok


My PhD will focus on evaluating interventions to teach numeracy and science to children with Intellectual Disability. I will work in collaboration with Calthorpe Academy in Birmingham to investigate current practice in special school setting and to extend and develop research evidence on teaching of numeracy and science to pupils with Intellectual Disability.


Nikita Hayden
The predominant focus of my PhD research will be to explore the educational and psychological outcomes of siblings of children with intellectual (learning) disability/autism. Throughout the project I will be working collaboratively with Sibs - a charity which helps siblings of disabled children to access information and support. I will be approaching the research using mixed methods: analysing quantitative data, conducting qualitative interviews, and evaluating aspects of Sibs’ school-based interventions.

Mikeda Jess


My PhD will focus on data obtained from a large scale survey study of 1,000 families of children with intellectual disabilities (including autism). I am investigating the role of maternal positivity in relation to their child with either an Intellectual Disability (ID) or Autism. I will also explore the implications of maternal positivity on maternal well-being and the well-being of the child with ID or Autism.

Emma Langley

I am working on the Cerebra 1,000 Families study, a large scale survey study of families of children with intellectual disabilities (including autism). My research questions relate to family systems, looking at how the well-being of different family members may be related to or dependent on others’ well-being. I am particularly interested in exploring the psychological adjustment of fathers and the behaviour and emotional welfare of siblings.

Jane Margetson


The focus of my PhD is to further understand the risk and protective factors for behavioural and emotional problems in children with developmental disabilities across a wide age range (between 4 and 15 years 11 months of age) in a large sample study (1000 families).

Charlotte RoweEmail:
The focus of my PhD is to look at mental health in young people with autism and intellectual disabilities through a series of secondary data analyses. I am co-funded by the charity Autistica and will be using my research results to inform early intervention looking at preventing mental health problems in the population studied.