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Projects completed in 2002


Researcher: Susan Band

This was a HEFCE Innovations Funded project running from November 2000 to October 2002, focused on mature students on part-time, 2+2 and mainstream degree programmes at the University of Warwick.

CEDAR’s involvement comprised two pieces of research undertaken from April to September 2002, building on work already done at an earlier stage of the project. The first of these concerned the development of a mature student typology. Research undertaken during the preparation of a series of case studies illustrating the success stories of former mature students had produced insights into the characteristics surrounding students’ background, motivation and aspirations. It was felt that these insights could be formalised into a typology that matches students’ background profile with decision taking patterns concerning future career destinations. Based on these early perceptions, CEDAR’s remit was to develop the typology on the basis of rigorous research with mature students. It is intended that the resulting refined typology will enable the Warwick Careers Advisory Service to adjust its approach in accordance with mature student need.

The second piece of research undertaken by CEDAR was to explore the issue of mentoring for mature students. This followed a survey of all current mature students conducted by the Careers Advisory Service at Warwick at an early stage in t

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