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Projects Completed in 2003


Researcher: Susan Band

This external evaluation of the ANNIE (Accessing National and International Expertise) project was undertaken for the Centre for Academic Practice at the University of Warwick from September to December 2002. The key aims of ANNIE were to establish best practice in delivering teaching from distant locations and to build in quality assurance mechanisms. At the end of this multi-phased project deliverables have included clear guidelines for the design and teaching of courses taught by experts from distant locations, advice on appropriate quality assurance mechanisms, and advice on how students may engage effectively with self-directed and interactive distance learning opportunities.

The evaluation has explored retrospective perceptions of the impact of the project upon the practice of course tutors as well as perceptions of value added to the learning experiences of students through the application of distance learning technologies. Cost effectiveness was measured in terms of the perceived benefits and costs to individual stakeholders through involvement in the project.

Looking ahead, the intention of the project is that best practice, having been identified and implemented, should become embedded in other departments. The evaluation has therefore been concerned with highlighting ways in which modifications, for example to the type of technology used, might bring enhanced results.

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